Digital Signage

In today's fast paced world, serving your clients advertisements in high traffic areas such as malls, bus stations, airports and central business districts is critical to generating revenue. Contact USAT to remotely connect to your digital signs and message boards across multiple locations.

Digital Signage Solutions


The modern consumer has their attention pulled in several directions simultaneously. In acknowledgement of this myriad of distractions retailers are changing the way they engage consumers to gain a competitive edge in the digital marketplace. Smart signage, interactive kiosks, and even traffic control applications are allowing organizations to deliver messaging when and where it will have the greatest impact. Please reach out to USAT’s team of connectivity experts to acquire the wireless communications your digital signs need to function in the modern marketplace.

USAT helps you securely communicate with your fixed and mobile digital signage remotely and cost-effectively

Connectivity to Traffic Control Signage

Traffic Control Signs

Notifying travelers with important information en-route is a critical to maintaining efficient and safe roadways.  USAT can help you obtain and install the devices your traffic control signs and digital messaging boards need for effective and fast communication. Security of signage access is a paramount priority; our team of connectivity experts are versed in security challenges to help you maintain control over your deployed signage assets.

  • Nationwide Secure Private Network Connectivity
  • Access & Update Mobile Signage Remotely
  • Track Portable Messaging Assets
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Sales-Enabled Kiosks

The ability to sell items where your clients are is crucial to success in current retail operations. With creative IoT communications solutions you can accept payments from anywhere. Whether at fixed locations or mobile ones, we can help make sure collecting your clients' payments is easy as possible while helping you maintain inventory levels across multiple kiosk locations.

  • Access to Multiple Payment Gateways
  • Manage POS Systems, Kiosks, and More
  • Back-up Internet Connections
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Sales-Enabled Kiosk Connectivity from USAT
Digital Signs for Marketing

Marketing Solutions

Securely delivering targeted marketing messages to potential clients across the globe is of vital importance in today’s fast moving marketplaces. Utilizing rugged and reliable IoT hardware along with our Express M2M Prime secure private network, you can securely manage the content on digital billboards and signs nationwide from a single location or even private cloud instance.

  • Track & Monitor Digital Assets
  • Remotely Update Advertisements
  • Private & Secure Connections
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Digital Signage Inquiries

If you're interested in learning more about how USAT can help your organization communicate with its digital signs and message boards, please fill out this form. An expert member of our team will reach out to you within one business day to discuss your digital signage connectivity needs.

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