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Communications technology makes managing the diverse mobile and fixed asset portfolios of electric utility companies possible. Contact USAT to see how we'll keep your organization connected to its mission-critical assets and infrastructures.

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Cellular modems and gateways - when deployed correctly - are a field-proven method for connecting infrastructure assets that maintain the health of the electric grid. Utility companies nationwide tap USAT to provide highly-managed cellular gateways and routers that are appropriate for the critical infrastructure. For the field force, “linemen of the future” are made more efficient using robust vehicle area networks that are back-hauled using LTE and soon, 5G sub 6. On the generation side, renewable energy sites are monitored using cellular devices connected to high-gain antennas. USAT works to help you to connect what is critical to your operations.

Electric Utilities Substation Communications

The digitalization of electric utilities is underway and projections show that millions of IEDs will be connected wirelessly in the next ten years. Contact USAT to discuss your public and private LTE connectivity options.

Electric Utilities DMS Connectivity

DMS Connectivity

The demand for reliable power has increased exponentially world-wide over the last decades and may reach new levels as electric vehicles gain in popularity. Connecting the intelligent electronic devices and sensors on the distribution grid back to the over-arching SCADA, FMSR, Volt-VAR systems that govern their performance is now critical. USAT has the experience to guide you carefully through the selection and deployment of intelligent communication network devices.

  • Gateways will connect to legacy serial ports on cap banks, reclosers, etc.
  • Kits can come with antennas & brackets designed specifically for cabinets
  • Powerful LTE routers can make dynamic decisions at the edge
  • Manage communication assets on prem or in the cloud
  • LTE Cat M1 gateways promise lower monthly rate plans

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Substation Automation Communications

Although most substations are adequately connected via fiber-optic links, cellular communication is a viable option for remote substations in rural areas. In addition, some utilities’ interpretation of government policies is driving initiatives around redundant communication strategies at substations that can include cellular connectivity as an option.

  • Dual-cellular radios in one router available for maximum redundancy
  • High-speed LTE Cat 20 routers handle high-bandwidth applications
  • Directional LPDA antennas bring connectivity to rural substations

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Electric Utilities Substation Automation
Scada Systems for Electric Utilities

SCADA Systems

Your SCADA systems can gather and send data through networked cellular devices to allow real-time monitoring of complex processes. The carefully designed SCADA can rely on wireless IoT-enabled gateways to connect vital data collection points, transmitting information from meters through secure networks. USAT can provide the intelligent network devices and secure networks your SCADA operations need.

  • Cellular modem hardware with support for Modbus and DNP3 SCADA protocols
  • Extra-low power draw, wide temperature range cell modems
  • 4G gateways that provide serial and Ethernet connectivity to PLC, RTU, EFM, data loggers, etc.
  • Consultations on best upgrade path to move away from 3G network devices

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Renewable Applications

Wind and solar farms are often located in remote locations with conditions that make trenching communication cables very expensive. Cellular IoT devices are a viable alternative to laying in fiber. By connecting  generation assets to monitoring, power storage, and energy distribution systems—with wireless networks instead of trenching—reliable communications can be attained at a lower cost. Reach out to USAT today to see how we can provide real-time communication hardware that will seamlessly integrate with to your renewable energy operations.

  • High-gain antennas for the most remote installations
  • Kits that include cellular gateways, custom cables, lightning arrestors, and brackets
  • Network devices designed to withstand difficult environmental conditions
  • Off-grid kits with a low power draw modem, a solar panel array, and a battery

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Renewable Energy Connectivity Applications

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