Fire & Emergency Rescue

Mission-critical operations like fire and emergency rescue rely on rugged and dependable communications. USAT offers the communication devices and networks emergency response teams need to effectively perform their vital lifesaving operations.

Fire & EMS Communications


Advances within information, device, and networking technologies are enabling emergency response agencies to connect with their people, equipment, and systems in real-time. Today's emergency responders need the ability to quickly and securely access and share information in the field. Data from ambulances, firetrucks, and other emergency response vehicles can be securely linked with command and control systems. Systems that provide information EMS teams need for mission-critical decision making.

Fire Department Communications Solutions from USAT

USAT delivers connectivity solutions that ensure fire and emergency response teams can better coordinate their lifesaving activities.

Emergency Vehicle Communications from USAT

Vehicle Area Networks

We support mobile emergency response teams by providing reliable and advanced communications devices that enable priority access to dedicated wireless networks. Our devices enable LMR network roaming, vehicle WiFi hotspots, and access to 4G LTE, FirstNet LTE, and satellite networks. We make this possible through our offering of rugged vehicle routers with mobile VPN technologies. The routers USAT configures and delivers are built on a foundation of secure technologies. These technologies help EMS agencies protect their sensitive data along with the communities they serve.

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Intelligent Vehicle Communications

Intelligent vehicle technology (IVT) allows emergency command and control centers to access engine diagnostics, vehicle speeds and locations, and monitor driver safety statistics. IVT can also provide vehicle information including odometer readings, fuel levels, service indicators, air bag deployments, and a variety of other on-board diagnostics. With USAT's communications devices, softwares, and networks, you can integrate your vehicles to provide event-based notifications in real-time.

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Intelligent Vehicle Communications from USAT
Emergency Equipment Communications from USAT

Equipment Communications

The IoT-enabled communications hardware USAT can provide helps you integrate your EMS systems to provide real time data from the field. Those networks can enable emergency first responders to receive live patient information from the field and communicate with hospitals while en-route. Connecting equipment such as EKG machines, enabling tracking on stretchers, access to in vehicle cameras and much more allow healthcare providers to react faster. EMS personnel can communicate with task-oriented applications wirelessly. Thus enhancing safety and access to vital data and tools.

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