At USAT, we understand that government operations depend on access to reliable and mission-critical communications. We provide quick, integrated and competitive communications solutions that meet the security, flexibility, and technological needs of the public sector.

IoT Solutions for Government Agencies


Whether working with small townships, big cities, or nationwide agencies, USAT has decades of experience helping governmental agencies and organizations with their critical communications needs. Those organizations operating in the public sector need mobile, rugged, flexible, responsive, and secure IoT-enabled communications devices. Our devices paired with flexible software allow connectivity in real-time to tackle the challenges of governing our nation. Reach out to USAT to see how our organization can help yours achieve its connectivity initiatives.

USAT works with governmental bodies and agencies of all kinds to ensure they can connect to the people, assets, and systems they need for mission-critical communications.

Government Fleet Vehicle Communications from USAT

Fleet Management

Governmental bodies maintain dozens to hundreds of different fleets of vehicles to perform a myriad of functions that keep our nation running. Whether managing law enforcement, emergency service, postal, or maintenance vehicles, it's critical to connect those fleets with their respective control centers. Being able to locate the people and assets under your supervision is vital to running any governmental body. USAT can provide the IoT-enabled communications devices and software you need to stay connected to your vehicle fleet.

  • Vehicle Area Networks
  • GPS Navigation and Route Planning
  • Automated Vehicle Location
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Public Safety

USAT offers various types of communications solutions to public safety organizations. Public sector first responders require reliable and secure communications networks and equipment to perform a multitude of mission-critical operations. USAT is here to help match your public safety organization with our broad portfolio of rugged and reliable wireless router and gateway solutions. Together, we'll find the perfect IoT-enabled devices for all your connectivity initiatives within the industries listed below:

  • Law Enforcement Agencies
  • Disaster Relief Organizations
  • Emergency Medical Services
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Public Safety Vehicle Communications from USAT
Smart City Communications from USAT

Smart Cities

IoT has made it possible for cities to improve sustainability, safety, and efficiency. USAT is here to provide the IoT-enabled communications technologies city governments need to connect to the people, devices, vehicles, and infrastructures they need to run effectively. From traffic controls, video monitoring, mass notification systems, and more, the devices USAT can provide will help your city stay connected to devices and systems that improve the lives of those around us.

  • Mass Notifications
  • Intelligent Traffic Control
  • Smart Surveillance
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Municipal Water Management

The volume of individuals living in urban communities is expected to double within the next three decades. As city planners might imagine, the influx of people will put an incredible strain on current resources, with water being the most vital. USAT can provide the rugged and IoT-enabled hardware municipalities need to connect to the sensors that track, monitor, and distribute water city-wide.

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Municipal Water Management Communications from USAT
Mobile Command and Control Communications from USAT

Command & Control

USAT offers portable networking solutions that enable operators in the field to connect with the data and communications networks they'll need to effectively operate. USAT's command and control solutions can help those in remote, rural, and urban areas set-up instant communication networks at the flip of a switch. Reach out to us today to find out how we can provide the IoT-enabled devices your organization will need to operate on the front-lines of any situation that arises.

  • Portable Networking Devices
  • Single Switch Connectivity
  • Field Deployment Applications
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