The need to move people and equipment to ensure critical patient care is a vital part of efficient and effective healthcare operations. USAT can help make sure your critical assets and people stay connected with our healthcare communication solutions.

Healthcare Communications


USAT has an extensive offering of Internet of Things (IoT) enabled devices that make monitoring and connectivity breakthroughs in the medical field possible. Reach out to us today to capitalize on the potential that increased connectivity has to offer towards improved patient health and safety. Our advanced communications solutions empower your healthcare personnel to effectively deliver expert patient care. 


USAT will work with your medical organization to ensure your healthcare assets are connected to mission-critical systems and networks with expert communication solutions.

Medical Vehicle Networks

With our communications technologies, USAT can help equip your ambulances, patient transport and emergency service vehicles with WiFi connectivity that extends inside and outside your mission-critical vehicle fleets. This connectivity will allow real-time tracking and monitoring of your physical and human assets.

  • Extended WiFi “Bubble” Outside of Ambulance
  • Routers that can Back-Haul Bluetooth-Over-Cellular
  • Routers with Very Accurate GPS Readings for Situational Awareness
  • Aways-On Routers that Switch Between Carrier Networks in Under a Second
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In-Building Communication Solutions for Hospitals and Medical Facilities

In-Building Communications

Healthcare providers need to stay in constant communication with the people that work together to save lives. With the availability of CBRS, DAS, and Private LTE networks and systems, USAT can provide the communications solutions to ensure your people stay connected.

  • CBRS | Citizens Broadband Radio Service
  • Distributed Antenna Systems for Bringing LTE in Hospital Buildings
  • Parallel Networks for Segregating Network Traffic
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Parallel Networks

In hospitals, separating highly sensitive and secure patient information from your other systems is vital to ensuring patient confidentiality. When third party-vendors need system access, your best solution is to establish parallel networks. Our team at USAT can equip you with the communications hardware you need to achieve this added layer of security.

  • Routers that Offer Secure Third-Party Vendor Access
  • High Speed Routers for Surveillance Networks
  • Redundancy Failover to Secured Cellular Networks
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Parallel Networks for Healthcare Facilities
Connectivity Solutions for Mobile Health Clinics

Mobile Clinics

Mobile clinics suffer from poor connectivity more than your fixed and stationary medical offices. With USAT's mobile connectivity solutions, your mobile clinics can stay just as connected as your primary medical facilities. We have experience servicing healthcare providers in a wide variety of medical specialties.

  • Occupational Health Units
  • Mobile Dental Clinics
  • Portable MRI Devices
  • Personal Health Kiosks
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