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The industrial Internet of things (IIOT) depends on reliable communications. Public and private LTE-based WWANs are fueling efficient operations within the oil and gas industry. USAT can deliver the connectivity your organization needs to support your mission-critical exploration, production, and distribution communication needs.

Oil & Gas Communications


Improving employee safety, facility security, and operational productivity are top priorities within the petroleum and natural gas industries. Low-power draw, reliable, and ruggedized communications devices, designed specifically for the petrochemical environment--and secure networks--make those improvements possible. With specialized routers and gateways from USAT, set up for secure data transmissions, you'll stay connected to your people, assets, and systems.
Oil Refinery Communications Systems from USAT

Oil and gas operations require reliable and resilient communications devices and network connections that function over vast distances and in austere conditions.

Connectivity for Petroleum Exploration from USAT

Communications For Exploration

Exploration for natural gas often takes place in remote, extremely environmentally challenging locations like the Permian and San Juan basins. To stay connected to exploration assets in the field, organizations need reliable communications devices and networks. Also, in many cases,  high-gain, directional, specialized antenna assemblies should be installed to bring cellular signal strength to fringe areas of coverage.

USAT can provide the cellular gateways and routers, range extending antenna systems, and secure networks that keep you connected to your organization’s exploration operations.  In addition, in some areas of the world where exploration companies are active, cellular service is not always available. In these cases, USAT can facilitate projects to build out a private LTE infrastructure. Due to the recent FCC movement on CBRS, this becomes an interesting option.

Today, USAT can supply LTE routers that are also designed to operate on CBRS—this is an excellent way to keep options open.

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Cellular Communication to Gas Instrumentation

The petrochemical industry was one of the first to embrace cellular communication to instrumentation in service to the pipeline SCADA and other OT systems. In the previous decade, many thousands of 2G cellular modems were attached to instrumentation in the field to connect to:

  • Flow meters, RTUs, and PLCs
  • Gas pulse counters and gas detectors

Cellular network devices are now on their 3rd generation of usage, with the replacement of 3G devices with 4G LTE cellular gateways on the horizon for many USAT clients. The advent of low-power-wide-area (LPWA) LTE that is supported by Cat-M1 devices also holds promise for the petrochemical industry and should be considered. As your organization evaluates the next upgrade cycle, consider USAT your consultative source:

  • Modems, gateways and routers rated for Class I Div II
  • Devices that can work on LTE and CBRS networks
  • For low-bandwidth applications, Cat M1 devices
  • Devices that support FirstNet Band 14 (for extended primary-users)
  • Device health management software/maintenance options
  • Custom built environmental enclosure kits
  • Ultra-high gain antenna assemblies (XPOL & LDPA)
  • Turn-key deployment services
  • Custom labeling and asset reporting for each well-site

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Oil Transport Communications from USAT
Gas Pulse Counter Communications for Well Sites from USAT

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