Public Safety

Public safety is a multi-faceted industry of the highest importance to the health and stability of our nation. USAT can help provide IoT-enabled communications devices that facilitate real-time in-vehicle computing, messaging, diagnostics, management, tracking, and more.

Public Safety Communications


USAT's public safety solutions offer various types of first responders secure and reliable connectivity to mission-critical public safety networks. We're ready to help match your organization with our wide portfolio of rugged and reliable wireless router solutions. We'll find the perfect devices for all your vehicle, station, and IoT connectivity initiatives. We're here to ensure your teams stay safe, respond quickly, and perform at their best.

Public Safety Communications Devices and Networks

USAT provides communication solutions vital to the people and organizations that serve and protect our families, communities, and nation.

Law Enforcement Solutions

Constant connectivity is vital for law enforcement agencies to function. Police vehicles, mobile command centers, police stations, and police personnel need to be connected at all times, with near-zero downtime. At USAT our wireless router solutions provide officers continuous access to the data, devices, and people on which they depend. With secure and reliable connections we enable officers to safely and effectively take on the countless challenges thrown their way.

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Law Enforcement Communications and Connectivity
Fir Department Communications and Connectivity

Fire Fighter Solutions

Firefighters battle under the worst conditions imaginable. They respond to fires and disasters of all kinds, from structure fires to wildfires and even explosions. With the forces of man and nature literally raging around them, fire departments can’t afford any downtime. At USAT, we make sure fire departments can rely on our connectivity solutions to perform operations like remote  data access, drone surveillance, and other coordinated lifesaving activities.

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Emergency Services Solutions

When seconds can make the difference in saving or losing a life, connections to vital networks can make the critical difference. USAT's EMS solutions allow EMS professions to connect to the data they need both on scene and en-route. We make sure that EMT's can depend on the fast and reliable mobile router solutions we provide. Whether they need real-time video or live streams of patient vitals, we enable the solutions EMS teams need to effectively perform their jobs.

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Emergency Communications and Connectivity
Disaster Relief Agency Communications and Connectivity

Disaster Relief Agencies

When disaster strikes, it's vital for relief agencies to respond as quickly as possible. The sooner these agencies can get up and running with mobile command centers, the sooner they can coordinate various lifesaving activities. Organizations like FEMA depend on the ability to immediately establish reliable network connections to coordinate complex recovery operations. USAT works with these organizations to ensure they receive only the most reliable data solutions possible.

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Military Solutions

The ability to set-up and maintain constant and highly-secure communications networks is a mission-critical requirement in every branch of the armed forces. Whether operating at home or abroad, stationary or on the move, in the land, air, or sea, military personnel need to be able to connect to the people and assets they need to get the job done. USAT is happy to serve our armed forces solutions that deliver the fastest and most secure communications possible.

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Secure Military Communications Devices and Networks

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