Whether your organization is transporting cargo or people, you need real-time connections to your fleets and personnel. Contact USAT today to see how we can help improve your transportation operations with IoT-enabled communications technologies.

Transportation & Logistics Solutions


Technology within the public and private transportation industries has developed quickly over last several years. Fueled by wireless communications devices, these technological advances deliver reliable and secure internet connectivity for a wide area of applications. USAT has the IoT-enabled routers, attendant peripherals, and private communications networks your organization needs. Reach out to us to discuss the possibilities for your vehicle fleet today. 

Trucking Company Transportation Communications

USAT provides a central and secure communications platform to connect the broad array of systems deployed in rolling and remote assets

Fleet Tracking Solutions for the Transportation Industry

Fleet Tracking Solutions

USAT specializes in offering advanced communications hardware and software to organizations, public and private, that need to manage extensive fleets of vehicles. With our IoT-enabled communications devices, we can make sure you can perform all the monitoring and management functions listed below and more.

  • Computer-Aided Dispatch Optimization
  • Fleet Management & Telemetry
  • Route Plans & GPS Navigation
  • Automated Vehicle Location
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Bus Wi-Fi Solutions

WiFi on public and private buses enables a wide variety of the fleet tracking solutions mentioned above, but it also enables wireless ticketing and safety monitoring while increasing to rider satisfaction. Riders today expect to be able to access the WiFi networks they need to work, socialize, and entertain themselves. Reach out to USAT to get your bus fleet equipped with routers and networks to enable on-board WiFi.

  • Public & Private WiFi Hotspots
  • Safety Monitoring & Diagnostics
  • Wireless Ticket Scanning
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Bus Wi-Fi Solutions for Mass Transit Industry
Communications Solutions for the Railroad Industry

Railway Operator Solutions

In-vehicle networks are delivering diverse benefits that extend from road to rail-based operations. Railways can leverage the devices and networks USAT offers to create value-added passenger services, streamline work processes, increase safety, add security monitoring, and access critical information from the rails in real-time. Reach out to USAT to discuss the communication solutions we can offer your rail-based operations.

  • Remotely Manage Equipment
  • Positive Train Control
  • Increase Productivity
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Public Works Solutions

Public transportation authorities manage hundreds to thousands of employees, vehicles, and pieces of equipment. Knowing where those human and machines assets are and how they are performing across the roadways is key component of managing our public transportation infrastructure. USAT can provide the devices and networks your public works need to track and monitor your operations while keeping the public informed with fixed and mobile digital signage and other solutions.

  • Connectivity for Portable Signs
  • Electronic Toll Collection Connectivity
  • Connectivity to Fueling Stations
  • Parking Meter Management
  • Mobile Asset Tracking
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Connectivity Solutions for Public Works Agencies

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