Instant Emergency Mobile Networks

Instant Emergency Mobile Networks

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Instant Emergency Mobile Networks

Coordinating Relief Efforts with Cellular Communications

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Meet Lieutenant Daniels

Lt. Daniels is a key member of the Emergency Operations Center in Ocean County. It falls to him to ensure the rapid deployment of critical response teams and to coordinate their efforts in the field. Without the ability to rapidly connect his teams, coordinating those teams is next to impossible.

Current Challenge


When a natural disaster or other major event occurs, Lt. Daniels is responsible for deploying response teams throughout the county. When possible, he accepts and coordinates the activities of volunteers as well as the first responders directly under his command. He needs a way to keep everyone connected throughout every minute of their collective effort to help save lives and maintain order in highly stressful situations. He needs to be able to get everyone on the same wavelength quickly, with near-zero downtime.

Recommended Solution


USAT answered the call with their portable networking device known as the TRaCK Box. The TRaCK box is a rapidly deployable communications solution that allows 128 to 192 individual devices to access it’s WiFi connection simultaneously - with LTE failover. It’s FirstNet® and 4G LTE ready, and when preconfigured, can connect radios, cell, and VOIP phones instantly - all at the flip of a single switch. It’s built to military specifications - so it’s rugged, self contained, and highly portable with up to 48 hours battery life.

The Results


When a hurricane blew through his state, Lt. Dan was able to deploy TRaCK Box equipped teams statewide. His teams were able to sustain continuous 24-hour operations that allowed them to provide the critical emergency services the people of his state direly needed. They were able to log incidents in their critical information management system, share updates with State and Federal resources, coordinate rescues, evacuations, public safety crises, and all emergency response services.

Instant Emergency Mobile Networks Instant Emergency Mobile Networks

The TRaCK Box is available in several configurations to meet your exacting  specifications.

Contact us today to build the the portable networking devices your organization needs.

Contact USAT

USAT has broadband, secure, WiFi hot-spots and high-powered antenna assemblies designed to cover broad areas. USAT offers solutions from top-tier providers like Sierra Wireless, Cradlepoint, and Mobile Mark.

If your emergency response team needs a solution quickly, USAT has the equipment in stock and can provide installation services.

Our installation technicians are ready to install hot-spots into fixed and mobile locations rapidly. We have installation teams in Alabama, Florida, Tennessee, Georgia, North Carolina, South Carolina, Virginia, and some regions in Texas and Colorado.

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