Key Points of ALEOS 4.7.0 Firmware Release

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Key Points of the Sierra Wireless ALEOS 4.7.0 Firmware Release

ALEOS 4.7.0 is now available to upgrade your AirLink RV50, AirLink GX450, and AirLink ES450 gateways.
IMPORTANT: Once the gateway has been upgraded to ALEOS 4.7.0, you cannot downgrade to earlier versions of ALEOS. For upgrade instructions, refer to the ALEOS 4.7.0 Software Configuration User Guide on our website.
New units will soon start shipping with ALEOS 4.7.0 pre-loaded as part of the manufacturing process.

ALEOS 4.7.0 Functionality Summary

This firmware fixes numerous bugs in the previous versions as well as additional new features in the following areas:

  • Sierra Wireless (Such as certificate-based firmware preventing rogue malware-based firmware uploads)
  • Reduced Boot Time
  • Additional Radio Module Support
  • Additional Status Information Available
  • Updated VPN Functions
  • Events Reporting Improvements
  • Serial Interface Improvements

Read the FULL RELEASE NOTES here for additional detail: ( Full ALEOS 4.7.0 Release Notes).
With this release of firmware, Sierra Wireless introduces the use of the Light Weight M2M (LWM2M) Protocol in its device management platform ALMS.  You can read more info here:
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