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Maintaining P25 Networks via LTE

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A Strategy For Maintaining P25 Networks

Cellular Solutions in Public Safety

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P25 Network Management with Cellular Routers

Meet Sheriff Jones

Dan Jones is the Sheriff of Seaside County. He noticed that sometimes it took hours or days for his IT department to notify him of the failure of mission-critical P25 equipment in the field. Today, he is looking for ways to monitor his P25 equipment and obtain real-time status notifications to expedite equipment replacements.

Current Challenge


Sheriff Jones prioritizes the proper oversight and maintenance of his county's mission critical P25 network. He wants his agency to know the status of the P25 equipment in real-time. Redundant monitoring of key P25 infrastructure systems is a best practice. That is why he wants to incorporate LTE as a back-up connectivity option.

Recommended Solution


The Cradlepoint IBR900 router, is a solution that allows his department to link all their P25 equipment. Using Cradlepoint NetCloud services, Sheriff Jones can remotely monitor every router his district installs, and by proxy, all the devices connected to that router. He can receive automatic alerts that let him know when connections have gone off-line, allowing for remote troubleshooting.

The Results


With the IBR900 installed, his internal IT team can monitor when P25 equipment is not functioning correctly. Using LTE for out of band connectivity provides an alternative pathway to understand when proactive maintenance is necessary - which can reduce or even prevent P25 network outages. The net effect is a a safer and more responsive law enforcement agency.

LTE is a key component of a redundant strategy to keep critical P25 communications equipment running optimally.

P25 Network Management Over Cellular LTE P25 Network Management Over Cellular LTE

For an average cost of $1500 per radio tower, you can rest easier knowing your people are connected.

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Contact USAT

If your law enforcement agency needs a solution fast, USAT has the equipment in stock and provides rapid installation services. Our install technicians are ready to equip your radio towers with LTE devices in locations all over the USA. We have technicians in Alabama, Florida, Tennessee, Georgia, North Carolina, South Carolina, Virginia, and some regions in Texas and Colorado.

USAT has broadband, secure, FIPS compliant, and FirstNet Ready® routers designed for law enforcement applications. USAT is a premiere resale partner of Cradlepoint.

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