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Due to diminishing demand and availability of newer models, the MultiModem iCell (MTCMR-XX) models listed in this announcement are changing status from Active to Near-End-of-Life (NEOL) effective immediately.

I.     Part Numbers Impacted

Extended Warranty options for the MultiModem iCell are also changing status from Active to Near-End-of- Life (NEOL). Reference the Discontinued Product Summary excel document for a complete list of ordering part numbers.



NEOL Ordering Part #



New Ordering Part # (Recommended Replacement) MultiConnect® Cell 100 Series  


MTCMR-H5 789407354854 MTC-LAT1-B01 MTC-LAT1-B03 MTC-H5-B01 MTC-H5-B03 789407363894




MTCMR-H5-NAM 789407354885 MTC-LAT1-B01-US MTC-LAT1-B03-KIT MTC-H5-B01-US-EU-GB MTC-H5-B03-KIT 789407362354




MTCMR-H5-EU 789407354861 MTC-H5-B01-US-EU-GB MTC-H5-B03-KIT 789407358593


MTCMR-H5-GB/IE 789407354878 MTC-H5-B01-US-EU-GB MTC-H5-B03-KIT 789407358593


MTCMR-H5-GP 789407354892 MTC-LAT1-B02 789407363900
MTCMR-EV3-N3 789407357565 MTC-LVW2-B01 MTC-EV3-B01-N3 MTC-EV3-B03-N3 789407363924



MTCMR-EV3-N3-NAM 789407357749 MTC-EV3-B03-N3-KIT MTC-EV3-B01-N3-US 789407357879


MTCMR-EV3-GP-N3 789407357756 MTC-LVW2-B02 789407363917
MTCMR-EV3-N16 789407358852 MTC-EV3-B01-N16 789407359040
MTCMR-EV3-N16-NAM 789407358876 MTC-EV3-B01-N16-US MTC-EV3-B03-N16-KIT 789407358302


MTCMR-EV3-GP-N16 789407358869 N/A
MTCMR-C2-N2 789407357459 MTC-C2-B06-N2 MTC-C2-B08-N2-KIT 789407356926


MTCMR-C2-N2-NAM 789407357466 MTC-C2-B06-N2-US MTC-C2-B08-N2-KIT 789407356933


MTCMR-C2-GP-N2 789407357411 N/A
MTCMR-C2-N3 789407357473 MTC-C2-B06-N3 MTC-C2-B08-N3-KIT 789407356896


MTCMR-C2-N3-NAM 789407357480 MTC-C2-B06-N3-US MTC-C2-B08-N3-KIT 789407356940


MTCMR-C2-GP-N3 789407357428 N/A
MTCMR-C2-N16 789407357435 MTC-C2-B06-N16 MTC-C2-B08-N16-KIT 789407356957


MTCMR-C2-N16-NAM 789407357442 MTC-C2-B06-N16-US MTC-C2-B08-N16-KIT 789407356964


MTCMR-C2-GP-N16 789407357404 N/A


MTC-xx models are encryption items. U.S. Export Administration Regulations have special restrictions on the export of encryption items; please refer to these regulations. Any export of commodities, technology, or software must be exported from the United States in accordance with the Export Administration Regulations. Export or diversion contrary to U.S. law is prohibited.

II.     Key Dates

Availability of New Ordering Part Numbers: Available now NEOL Date of Old Ordering Part Numbers:  July 7, 2017 Last Time Buy Date:  July 31, 2017

Last Time Ship Date:  October 2, 2017

Last Time Buy Information
  • By July 31, 2017 submit order quantities for guaranteed availability with a Non Cancellable, Non-Returnable (NCNR) order of MTCMR products through October 2,


Note: All orders placed for products listed in this announcement require an NCNR agreement. Last time ship dates are negotiable with an NCNR agreement. Please contact your Multi-Tech sales representative for details and a copy of the agreement.

III.   Warranty and Support

MultiTech will provide technical support and repair or exchange of the products listed in this announcement through the warranty period of the installed device. However, no firmware/software updates or maintenance releases will take place post NEOL date.

IV.            Suggested Action Plan:

To help facilitate the transition to a replacement model, we recommend the following actions be taken:

  • Work with your Distributor sales representative or MultiTech if your company is interested in placing an N.C.N.R. (Non-Cancellable, Non-Returnable) purchase order for any remaining MTCMR-xx devices that you
  • Forward this announcement to others within your organization who are actively involved in the sale or support of cellular



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