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sierra wireless mg90Sierra Wireless, a global leader in cellular networking solutions, has announced the launch of its AirLink® MG90 Multi-Network, High Performance Vehicle Router.

The MG90 is the newest addition to Sierra Wireless’ AirLink® vehicle networking portfolio, offering the industry’s most advanced multi-networking capabilities. With Gigabit Wi-Fi WAN, dual-LTE-Advanced and FirstNet Band 14 connectivity, the MG90 delivers secure, uninterrupted connectivity for mission critical applications in public safety, transit and field services.

Coupled with the AirLink® Connection Manager (ACM), the MG90 consolidates the security for all connected in-vehicle technologies, vastly simplifying deployment and enabling organizations to maintain management control over their network access and connected mobile assets.

The MG90 seamlessly integrates with the AirLink® Mobility Manager (AMM)—a leading-edge, end-to-end network management solution available in the enterprise data center or in the cloud—to provide simplified, remote and real-time network insight and control of all connected in-vehicle technologies, with support for vehicle tracking, telemetry and asset management applications.

Purpose-built for the vehicle with its ruggedized form factor, the MG90 delivers best-in-class reliability and ensures continual operation in harsh mobile environments.

mg90What does it mean in the field?

Here is some feedback from our MG90 customers:

Josh Hearen, Deputy Sheriff, Brazos County Sheriff’s Office, said: “Since we deployed the new AirLink MG90 in our test vehicle, we’ve been particularly impressed with its ability to connect to our two core networks—Verizon and FirstNet Band 14—at any one time. Because it switches between both networks so quickly, the transition is invisible, resulting in almost no network downtime. When connected to the MG90, our officers are able to complete all of their research, paperwork and reporting remotely from the vehicle via their tough-books, increasing productivity and saving the department, and taxpayers, money and superfluous man hours.”

Felix Arenas, IT Analyst, Town of Paradise Valley, said: “For us, the biggest benefit of the AirLink® MG90 is reliability—it just works. It provides a constant and secure connection wherever it’s located. The MG90 has allowed us to connect more in-vehicle applications than ever before. All the data is secure, so our officers are able to transmit sensitive information from their vehicles.”

George Barlow Brown, Communications & IT Chief, New Orleans Office of Homeland Security and Emergency Preparedness, said: “One of the main reasons we chose the AirLink® MG90 is because it’s FirstNet, Band 14 deployable. When the network is turned on, we won’t need to purchase new technology, saving considerable costs and time. We’ve also been very impressed by the MG90’s performance on our current Verizon network. It’s enabled us to be more informed, respond faster and be better equipped to manage an emergency.” 

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