Verizon Promotion May 2020

Verizon Promotion | May 2020

Jesse Rothschild Verizon Wireless News

There is a new router promotion of great interest to USAT’s customers that is being offered by Verizon. It could lead to substantial cash savings through back-end credits on your Verizon monthly invoice for airtime. This promotion applies to Cradlepoint, Sierra Wireless and Digi routers formally approved by Verizon for use on their Network in the U.S.A. Read more…


SmartBus Launch in Leon County

Jesse Rothschild USAT Corp News

The Leon County School district is launching a fantastic initiative to advance home learning programs. On April 30th, 2020, Leon Country Schools unveiled their new SmartBus Initiative. As of today, a total of 15 school buses are being deployed to multiple locations to provide students access to free WiFi district-wide. Read More…



Jesse Rothschild Verizon Wireless News

If you are purchasing an LTE-capable device for use on a Verizon Data plan, or plan to sign up for new service, you will need new SIM cards. The Verizon Triple Punch Cat-M1 SIM Card from USAT offers versatile functionality. It works as a 2FF, 3FF, or 4FF SIM card. Read more…


How to Clean Your Router

Jesse Rothschild General

While most articles on this subject revolve around purging malware and historical device data, this article focuses on the physical cleaning and sterilization of the your mobile communications devices. Learn the best way to prevent the spread of disease without damaging your cellular routers and gateways. Read more…

RV55 Dual Serial Y-Cable 6001238

RV55 Dual Serial Y-Cable 6001238

Jesse Rothschild Sierra Wireless News

If you were using a GX450 device with dual serial ports, the RV55 straight out of the box is not a suitable replacement model. However the RV55 Industrial LTE Gateway comes with the ability to utilize a single port for a dual connection. This is made possible by using the RV55 Dual Serial Y-Cable. Read more…

Airlink RV55 Promotion with $75 Instant Rebate

RV55 Promotion | $75 Instant Rebate

Jesse Rothschild USAT Corp News

USAT is a value-added reseller and premiere resale partner of Sierra Wireless IoT-enabled communications devices and networking software. USAT and Sierra Wireless want to help you and your team get connected as quickly and as affordably as possible wherever they are with this RV55 promotion. Read more…