School Bus Hot Spots

School Bus Mobile Hot Spots

Jesse Rothschild General

With most of the nation’s schools closed due to social distancing initiatives, the rapid development and expansion of distance learning programs is underway. Unfortunately, due to poor connectivity, not all students will be able to take advantage of these learning opportunities. Until now. Read more…

Connecting Home-Based Personnel to The Corporate Network

Securely Connecting Home-Based Personnel

Jesse Rothschild General

In response to the COVID-19 pandemic, most national and local governments have pushed social distancing initiatives. Included within those initiatives are a mixture of requests and mandates requiring non-critical members of the workforce to conduct business from their homes. Read more…

Sierra Wireless GX450 Sunset Date

GX450 Sunset Date

Beverly McRae General

The last buy date for the Sierra Wireless Airlink GX450, which is an LTE device with 3G fallback, is fast approaching at the end of this month on March 31st, 2020. The last ship date for the orders placed on or before March 31st can be scheduled to arrive at your site by June 30. Read more…

The New Digi IX14 Router

Jesse Rothschild Digi International News

The Digi IX14 | Industrial Router Digi® IX14 is a rugged, secure and reliable LTE industrial router powered by an enhanced operating system that supports any utility or industrial application. …