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Cradlepoint is informing you of three Important notices for Enterprise Cloud Manager users:

1. New modem firmware has been posted for all LPE and LP3 modems. It is highly recommended that all users update firmware on affected devices to ensure continued long-term operation. 

What is it?

Cradlepoint has posted new modem firmware packages, containing v05.05.58.0x firmware, as part of general maintenance for LPE and LP3 embedded/integrated modems. The modem firmware packages apply to all LPE and LP3 modem loads, including those for Verizon, AT&T, Sprint, Generic (T-Mobile and Canadian Carriers) and EU (Europe).

Cradlepoint encourages customers to update their modem firmware as soon as viable to avoid potential issues that may occur. Please note that modem firmware is separate from router firmware.

The most significant issues addressed in the modem firmware update include:

  • General IMS and SMS improvements, including:
    • More reliable, automatic receipt of Verizon’s Over-the-air (OTA) APN for static IP accounts
    • Better management of Sprint SMS errors with Sprint SIMs
  • Additional enhancements to the file system corruption detection algorithm
  • Improvement of GPS performance across power cycles
  • General stability maintenance for modem recovery issues, such as memory block management, getting stuck in boot-load mode, and false “Not Activated” failures
  • Chipset system fixes for rare, corner-case crashes, race conditions, and intermittent failures

Are My Devices Affected?

– All Routers with “LPE” or “LP3” in the SKU number
Examples: AER3100LPE-VZ, CBA750B-LPE-AT, IBR1100LPE-SP, IBR600LP3-EU

– All Modem Caps with “LPE” or “LP3” in the SKU number
Examples: MC400LPE-VZ, MC400LPE-VZ-ARC, MC400LP3-EU
Upgrading Modem Firmware

At Cradlepoint, protecting your network is our first priority.  As part of Cradlepoint’s firmware policy, customers always have the ability to implement bug fixes and patches by accessing firmware updates.

To upgrade your modem firmware

  1. If you are utilizing Enterprise Cloud Manager, upgrading modem firmware is easy,  Click here
  2. For instructions on upgrading modem firmware using the Automatic Update capability in the router user interface, click here
  3. If you want to download new modem firmware and manually update using the router user interface, click here


2. In September 2015, Cradlepoint will changethe protocol used for firmware updates via ECM from HTTP to HTTPS. The change in this protocol may require a change in port configuration on device firewalls. 

In mid-September, Cradlepoint will change router and modem firmware updates originated by Enterprise Cloud Manager (ECM) for series 3 devices to the HTTPS protocol for browser communications instead of HTTP.

Customers will need to ensure firewall port 443 (HTTPS) is open as Series 3 device updates will use HTTPS (port 443) rather than HTTP (port 80). Please read below to determine if you are affected or forward this communication to appropriate personnel. ECM users will not notice any changes in performance due to the change.

Who is NOT affected

  • Customers with HTTPS port 443 open in their firewall for router traffic are not affected.
  • The Cradlepoint MBR95, CTR35, CBR400, CBR450 and all Series 1 and 2 devices are not affected.
  • Click here for lists of Series 1,2 and 3 devices

Who IS affected

  • Customers with Series 3 devices in ECM who do not have HTTPS port 443 open in their firewall for router traffic are affected.

If you are affected


3. With the release of firmware 6.0 in early October 2015, Cradlepoint will make significant improvements to the GUI for configuring routers in the router and ECM User Interface.  


Firmware version 6.0, coming in early October, will introduce a vastly improved GUI for all routers.  The new GUI takes the look and feel of Enterprise Cloud Manager (ECM) and brings it to the router.  The menus have been reworked to be more intuitive and discoverable, and yet the configuration experience in itself has stayed similar to the previous UI.  In short, finding the menus is easier and configuration has stayed as easy as always.

ECM users will immediately be displayed the new router GUI when configuring a router or group of routers with FW 6.0 or greater providing an improved and consistent user experience across the platform.

Along with the new UI, some notable new functionality is coming in 6.0:

  • Object Firewall
    • Independently create identities and policies, then match them to create rules
    • Easier to configure and more flexible
  • Connection Manager has been revamped, and now easily configurable in ECM
    • Manage all WAN connections remotely in a single, intuitive UI
  • WiFi-as-WAN Improvements
    • Intelligent AP handover capability

Cradlepoint recommends, when FW 6.0 is released, that customers upgrade a few routers and take some time to get familiar with the UI, the new firewall, Connection Manager, and other important configuration elements, before moving their entire fleet.

Roll out Schedule

Firmware 6.0 will come with more extensive documentation to ease the transition:

  • In early September
    • An overview video will introduce the new UI and key features.
  • In early October
    • FW 6.0 will be released
    • A practical applications video series will be available.  The video series will cover how to perform common configurations and tasks.
    • New Knowledge Base articles and product documentation will be available for reference.

How to access FIRMWARE
Customers with Enterprise Cloud Manager (ECM):

Customers without Enterprise Cloud Manager:


For questions regarding these important notices, contact your USAT Corp. Representative:

Contact a USAT Representative by Email

Phone:  1-888-550-8728


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