Pop-Up Medical Facility Communications

Pop-Up Medical Facility Communications

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Pop-Up Medical Facility Communications

USAT Case Study | Enabling Secure Healthcare Connectivity for Temporary Facilities

In this case study, USAT has outlined ways healthcare providers can support the communications and networking infrastructure of pop-up medical facilities. With a health crisis raging worldwide, connecting medical facilities, equipment, and personnel is more important than ever. Because of this, the FCC has released an R&O adopting programs that federally fund eligible public healthcare organizations communications initiatives. Below we offer solutions that should be covered under the $200 million emergency COVID‐19 Telehealth Program.

Current Challenge

COVID-19 is inundating emergency rooms, urgent care facilities, and doctors’ offices. They are handling patients who either have the virus, think they have the virus, or are already in need of critical care.

It falls on the healthcare system to figure out ways to slow the spread and flatten the curve to save as many lives as possible.

Immediate Needs

An urgent need arose from the necessity to distance patients from one another. Hospitals have started creating a variety of temporary remote and mobile facilities for the testing and treatment of patients.

These pop-up facilities need to stay connected to the medical data, equipment, and systems they need to perform their jobs effectively.

Recommended Solution

Through partnerships with top-tier communication device manufacturers, like Sierra Wireless and Cradlepoint, USAT can provide secure and reliable connectivity tools. Tools healthcare providers need for their various remote and mobile healthcare operations. With USAT rugged routers, gateways, and antenna systems, healthcare providers will gain access to the connectivity they need to coordinate their operations. Eligible healthcare providers can receive federal funding to cover associated costs.

Actions for Today

USAT is helping healthcare providers assess their current communications and connectivity needs. Our expert solutions engineers are pairing and provisioning the devices your operations need to get and stay connected to human and physical resources in the field.

Actions for Later

Medical facilities can re-purpose connectivity assets for use within existing healthcare structures. However, based on current preparedness assessments, it may benefit hospitals to keep a surplus of communications devices. That way, they can better prepare for future medical crises.

Secure and Reliable Data Connectivity for Pop-Up Medical Facilities

Secure and Reliable Data Access

Patient information security is of chief importance when assembling pop-up treatment facilities. Hospitals need to be able to securely view, collect, and send patient data over wireless networks. Top-tier wireless routers and gateways utilize secure device management systems and private networks. Such systems keep patient data safe and secure. Additionally, those systems provide vital data to healthcare officials. This connectivity allows them to assess the decline or advance of the current pandemic by reliably transmitting data from every medical outpost we equip.

Easy to Clean Communications Devices for Pop-Up Medical Facilities

Sanitization Standards

For this solution, USAT is only recommending rugged device solutions. These devices are drop and damage resistant and can endure harsh climates and conditions. As an added benefit, it makes cleaning them quick and efficient. Sanitization teams can spray them down with Lysol or rub them down with Clorox wipes without impairing their function. While we do not advise dipping your gateways in soapy water, the two simple cleaning methods above should meet current sanitization standards. Click here to learn more about sanitation methods.

Communications Solutions for Large-Scale Temporary Medical Facilities

Large Scale Temporary Facilities

For small regional or local pop-up facilities, a single smaller communications device may suffice to connect all your people and equipment. When it comes to converting large urban environments like conventions centers and sporting arenas, that may not be enough. For those large-scale operations, with dozens to hundreds of medical professionals and pieces of equipment, a more robust communications solution may be needed. Our TRaCK box solution enables healthcare providers to carry their network with them, broadcasting wireless connectivity to up to 100 devices at a time.

Mobile Clinic Tracking with USAT Fleet Tracking Solutions

Mobile Clinic Tracking

For rural areas, healthcare agencies are devising ways to deploy mobile testing facilities to remote communities. With rugged mobile routers, these mobile clinics can receive and transmit patient data as well as telematics. Healthcare administrators can know where their mobile clinics are, whether they are stationary or on the move, and more effectively manage their deployments.

Ready for Use Deployments of Communications Devices from USAT

Deployed “Ready for Use”

Upon request, USAT can provision and configure your devices to be ready for immediate use upon delivery. Employing our DevProv+ service will ensure your devices arrive pre-configured to your specifications and already connected to the carrier networks of your choosing. Simply plug in your device, and it’s ready to go immediately.

FCC Funding for Teleheath Operations During COVID-19

Funding from the FCC

Thankfully, the Federal Communications Commission released a Report and Order (R&O) adopting two programs to help people with remote health care access. The R&O establishes a $200 million emergency COVID‐19 Telehealth Program to help eligible health care providers purchase telecommunications services, information services, and devices necessary to provide critical connected care services during the COVID‐19 crisis, whether to treat COVID‐19 or other health conditions.

Study Highlights

  • Advance Social Distancing Initiatives through Pop-up Facilities
  • Securely Receive, Store, and Send Medical Data
  • Quickly and Easily Sanitize Communications Devices
  • Easily Track and Coordinate Mobile Clinic Deployments
  • Bring Portable Networks with You “On-The-Go”
  • Eligible Providers Receive Government Funding

Contact USAT

If your hospital or healthcare facility needs a solution quickly, USAT has the equipment in stock and can provide installation services. Our installation technicians are ready to rapidly install mission-critical cellular routers into medical facilities. We have installation teams in Alabama, Florida, Tennessee, Georgia, North Carolina, South Carolina, Virginia, and some regions in Texas and Colorado.

USAT has broadband, secure, mission-critical cellular routers and high-powered antenna assemblies designed to cover broad areas, like parks, parking lots, and convention centers. USAT offers solutions from top-tier providers like Cradlepoint and Sierra Wireless. In some cases, we can accommodate shorter-term rentals through special programs.

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