RabbitCore Module adds Wi-Fi to scales

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Toledo do Brasil is a leading manufacturer and marketer of precision instruments for use in laboratory, industrial and food retailing applications, including network-enabled scales. The company designs its scales not only to gather valuable data, but also to facilitate the processing and transfer of this information into customers’ management systems from anywhere an Internet connection is available. However, in many environments, such as at a deli counter in a grocery store, running Ethernet cables to a scale can be difficult.
To overcome the cabling issue and provide customers increased mobility and ease of installation, Toledo do Brasil decided to Wi-Fi enable its products using the RabbitCore® RCM5400W microprocessor core module. The company previously used a wired RabbitCore module to network enable its scales, which made the transition to wireless extremely easy.
“Wireless provides customers greater flexibility for installation and scale mobility,” said Wagner Perini, engineering manager, Toledo do Brasil. “We chose the RCM5400W because of its compatibility with the 802.11g standard and its WPA2 security level. We also found the solution to be easy to use and program.”
Using Wi-Fi enabled scales via the RCM5400W gives retail customers standardized communication between equipment. In addition to connecting back to the server, the scale can now communicate over Wi-Fi with other wireless devices such as handheld mobile computers, PDAs and bar code readers. This provides retailers additional efficiencies in managing inventory and pricing.
“It can be difficult and costly to run cables to deli counters or other areas in a retail environment. Wireless eliminates the need to connect the scale physically and also provides greater flexibility for placement. Now customers can easily set up and connect their scale anywhere a power source is available,” said Perini.
For more about this solution, please contact USAT Corp.

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