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M2M Railway Solutions:

The railroad industry faces increasing challenges in regard to safety, productivity and compliance. Railway operations require extensive communication networks to:

  • Manage railway operations
  • Improve performance
  • Implement safety and business procedures

Connectivity is at the heart of a productive mobile workforce.

The emergence of cutting-edge technology has allowed innovative ways for those in the railroad industry to:

  • Regulate train control
  • Remotely manage equipment
  • Maintain workforce connectivity
  • Increase workforce productivity
M2M Railway Solutions | Industry Specific IoT Solutions | USAT

Today, railway operators across the globe are adapting to countless changes to improve industry efficiency. Wireless technologies are proving to be an integral component for:

  • High-speed rail systems require enhanced security and reliability levels, making it necessary to automate precise and critical communications between train driver, track, and railway control centers.
  • High-speed trains have become a sustainable alternative to air travel and personal vehicles in certain markets, however operators must increase amenities to attract more passengers.
  • Railway operators in general must find ways to utilize staff and resources with the utmost level of productivity.

Whether you require a public or a private cellular network, USAT offers a variety of wireless options for both small and large scale projects. Our company understands you require quality wireless and M2M solutions to help you stay connected.

As an industry leader, we are committed to going above and beyond our clients’ expectations.  Our 3G and 4G broadband technologies are specifically engineered for managing and maintaining daily operations and critical emergencies alike. Whether you require our solutions for coordinating rail scheduling or managing trackside equipment, we have the necessary capabilities to tailor our services to your specific needs.

At USAT, it is our highest priority to help you provide your clients and employees with quick, safe and reliable connections.

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