RV55 Dual Serial Y-Cable 6001238

RV55 Dual Serial Y-Cable 6001238

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Using the RV55 in Dual Serial Port Mode

Enabled by the RV55 Dual Serial Y-Cable

We have published two prior articles about replacement products for the Sierra Wireless Airlink GX450 since its end of life was announced in September of 2019. Generally, we've informed our clients that the Airlink RV55 is the replacement model they need. However, there were a great number of variants of the GX450, and not all RV55 models are suitable for all use cases. For those clients previously using the GX450 with Dual Serial ports, they'll require a RV55 model and an accessory cable that must be ordered separately - the RV55 Dual Serial Y-Cable 6001238.

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RV55 Serial Port for Dual Mode

RV55 Serial Port for Dual Mode
Out of the box, an RV55 only has a single serial port, which may lead clients to believe this model is not a suitable replacement for the Dual Port GX450 variant they were previously using.

Serial Connector Pin-Out for Single Port Mode

For Use with Single Port Connectors

For many of our clients, they simply cannot make use of the RV55 in a single port mode. If you were using a GX450 device with dual serial ports, the RV55 straight out of the box is not a suitable replacement model. That said, the RV55 Industrial LTE Gateway comes with the ability to utilize a single port for a dual connection.

RV55 Serial Port in Single Mode

Serial Connector Pin-Out for Dual Port Mode

For Use with RV55 Dual Serial Y-Cable

When paired with the RV55 Dual Serial Y-Cable, the RV55 splits the functions of the 9-pin serial port to enable data sharing between two devices instead of just one. Each pin carries out a different set of data transmission functions (pictured below) than when used in a single port mode (pictured above).

RV55 Serial Port in Dual Mode

Serial Connector Pin Assignment

 RV55 Dual Serial Y-Cable Pin Details

With template creation engineering services from USAT, we can help you create your device templates and fully provision your RV55 to properly transmit and collect the data enabled by your Y-connector. Below is a diagram of the connector along with its serial port data functions.

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