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M2M Security Solutions:

More cost-effective solutions are needed to reduce unauthorized activities, lower public security costs, and increase risk awareness within the security industry. Whether you require protection for your residential property, office, airport or border; stable data communications is vital to providing the critical awareness required for competent decision making and swift response time. Data communications plays a pivotal role across an array of industries.  Cellular wireless offers a safe, quick and flexible installation alternative to traditional fixed line deployments when they encounter remote locations and connectivity issues.

M2M Security Solutions | Industry Specific IoT Solutions | USAT

At USAT, we design intelligent solutions for secure data transmission and consistency. We strive to create durable products that deliver outstanding results beyond our clients’ expectations.  By embedding security protocols, minimal power consumption, effortless integration, and remote configuration and management features, we simplify the installation process and reduce your ownership expenses. A secure 3G/4G solution gives you the capability to:

  • Diminish cost and liability with trusted and dependable wireless technologies
  • Reduce development effort with modules and gateways engineered for seamless integration into existing systems
  • Decrease time-to-market with open development tools and wireless devices pre-authorized with vital network operators for certified connectivity.

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