Carrier Activation

Most clients who buy a cellular modem from USAT expect to be able to install that modem right out of the box; activated, carrier network authenticated, and ready to use with minimal configuration. That's what our clients can expect to receive: deployment-ready cellular connectivity devices.

Cellular Service Activation

Just-In-Time Carrier Activation Submissions

USAT has activated and provisioned tens of thousands of devices on the various wireless carrier networks, including Verizon, AT&T, FirstNet, Sprint, T-Mobile, US Cellular, Rogers, Telus, and Vodafone. There are several steps we at USAT need to take to ensure your cellular modems are ready for immediate use upon delivery.

One of the most important steps we take on your behalf is to activate your cellular gateway by staging and working with the carriers on your deployment schedule, otherwise known as just-in-time activations.

USAT Activates and Installs Sim Cards on Sierra Wireless Gateways
USAT Activates and Installs Sim Cards on Cradlepoint Gateways

We do this by working in tandem with you and your carrier of choice to activate the gateway on their network by providing wireless carriers with pairings of the device and SIM cards purchased from USAT along with your desired rate plan so that they can enter it into their billing systems.

Once your device(s) have been activated and the wireless carrier information has been provided back to USAT, it is ready to undergo our DevProv+ services where our skilled technicians are equipped with the necessary carrier knowledge and manufacturer settings to make the device(s) authenticate on the carrier networks.

Utilize our DevProv+ services and select USAT as your carrier activation partner to seamlessly connect your devices to cellular networks.

Device Activation

Multi-Step Gateway Activation Process

Depending upon the devices your organization requires the steps to activate your modems and gateways may vary. Generally we follow the simple, process-driven activation process outlined below:

  1. Pair devices and SIM cards
  2. Provide cellular network carriers with pairings and customer specific account information
  3. Activate cellular gateways on the cellular network provider corresponding to their hardware
  4. Perform DevProv+ Services
    • Integrate SIM cards into device(s)
    • Create asset reports
    • Update firmware
    • Asset tag devices
    • Load templates
    • Write passwords
    • Authenticate on the network
    • Perform Quality Assurance checks on all device(s)

USAT will Pair your devices and sim cards

(1) Pair Devices & SIM Cards

USAT will Contact your Network Carrier

(2) Contact Network Carriers

USAT will Activate Devices on Your Carrier of Choice

(3) Activate Devices on Carrier

(4) Perform DevProv+ Services

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