Custom Cabling

The communications devices and peripherals our clients' order with USAT frequently require specialized cabling for a smooth and optimal installation. For those clients we offer custom cabling assemblies to ensure their devices can be installed exactly how and where they need them most.

Antenna Cabling Assemblies

Custom Cables | Cut to Specifications

USAT is proud to be your single source for custom cabling needs. We create and offer custom cabling solutions nationwide for use within diverse connectivity applications. Our dedicated staff is committed to providing you with superior products and support services. Our clients' depend on us to quickly and affordably provide high-quality custom cables.

Custom Cable Cutting, Crimping, and Connector Assemblies

Hire the expert service team at USAT to field all your custom cabling needs and requirements.

Cable Assemblies

Gauges, Genders, & Connectors

Customers have the ability of specifying wire gauge, length, gender and connector types of all variables of wire offered. All our cables are serialized and undergo thorough stress tests to meet our stringent standards. 

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Below are our available cable gauge, gender, and connector options:

Cable Gauge Matching from USAT

Primary Cable Gauges:

  • 58
  • 100
  • 195
  • 240
  • 400
Cable Gender Pairing from USAT

Cable Genders:

  • Male Gender
  • Female Gender
  • Reverse Polarity
Specialty Cable Connectors from USAT

Cable Connectors:

  • SMA
  • TNC
  • N

We manufacture your custom assemblies in-house. We are able to utilize any of the cable wire types displayed below to match your needs.

Ultra-Flex Multiple Strand  

Ultra-Flex Multi-Strand Cabling from USAT

Solid Core Low-loss

Solid Core Low-loss Cabling from USAT

Twin Bonded-Low loss

Twin-bonded Low-loss Cabling from USAT

RG Coaxial

RG Coaxial Cabling from USAT

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Custom Cabling Services

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