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DevProv+ Suite Of Services

USAT Support Service DevProv+

At USAT, we offer cost-effective packages through our DevProv+Service Suite. DevPro+ bundles WWAN network device provisioning and support services into your hardware costs at the time of purchase. The USAT help desk is happy to help customers with their technology needs.

USAT designed DevProv+ to be a suite of WWAN services that provide more economical and efficient wireless deployments. DevPro delivers support services and provisions your network devices. DevProv+ ensures that your devices are shipped “live” to your carrier’s network. Each device arrives ready for install, right out of the box.

A quick note: We do not configure devices prior to shipment if you purchase them without provisioning services. Devices without configuration may not automatically enroll in the DevPro+ service. To obtain pricing for support options reach out to your USAT Sales Account Manager.

Incident Support

What happens when a support call is received for a device with either an inactive or non-existent DevProv+ package in place?

The USAT help desk will offer an Incident Support option to troubleshoot connectivity to your cellular network. All devices must have an active incident support package for the help desk to provide troubleshooting assistance.

Unfortunately, our help desk can only troubleshoot hardware and service you buy through USAT. You can purchase support packages in single and multi-incident packages. For every device we provide assistance, we categorize it as a single incident.

Typical support incidents include reactivation and resets. There are no expiration dates on Incident Support packages. Customers are responsible for any shipping or freight expenses. Post-sales incident packages do not include project specific engineering support. Any engineering assistance will incur additional fees.

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