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Express M2M Network Services

USAT would like to introduce Express M2M™. Through this service your organization can take advantage of our one-stop-shop for all your wireless IoT and M2M device needs.

Express M2M™ allows your organization to purchase configuration services with a monthly data allowance for your network device solutions.

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Express M2M Prime Network

Private Network Offering

Express M2M Prime is a security-minded private network that is non-accessible to devices outside of the network.

Express M2M Prime Offers:

  • Reachable IPv4 Static IP Addresses
  • Network Security For Small and Large Deployments
  • Management with Analytics, Alerts, and Real-Time Diagnostics
  • The Full Suite Of Services Normally Provided By ExpressM2M
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Shared Access Cellular Network Plans from USAT

Standard Network

Shared Access

  • This service uses standard carrier networks and is not exclusively private
  • Same day implementation time
  • No minimum line requirements
  • No set-up fee's

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Semi-Private Cellular Network Plans from USAT

The Gated Community

Semi-Private Access

  • This is a shared /16 subnet with all devices having IPv4 Static IP addresses
  • One-day implementation time
  • Requires two or more lines 
  • No set-up fee's

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Private Cellular Network Plans from USAT

The Gated Estate

Private Access

  • This is a private /24 subnet with all devices having IPv4 Static IP addresses
  • Two-day implementation time
  • Requires two or more lines 
  • One-Time $250 Set-up Fee

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Full Suite of Services

Single Source for Equipment, Deployment, Airtime, & Support
Device Provisioning Services from USAT Corp

Device Provisioning

Initial load of network information and basic WWAN device set-up. Includes implementation of client-supplied custom setting template.

 Just-in-Time Carrier Activations from USAT Corp

Just-In-Time Activation

Just-in-time activation on the selected Express M2M service plan for each WWAN device. Invoices issued monthly.

Asset Reporting Services from USAT Corp

Asset Reporting

We'll provide spreadsheets showing WWAN device unique identifiers to better assist your asset-tracking needs and purposes.

 Password Management Services from USAT Corp

Password Management

We apply robust hardware layer passwords that adhere to DHS security recommendations to all of the WWAN devices you purchase for provisioning.

Modem Labeling  Services from USAT Corp

Modem Labeling

We will create and apply custom asset labels to each of your M2M and IoT networking devices with up to four lines of client information.

 ExpressSpare Service from USAT Corp


In the event a repair is needed, select modem models are available for advance replacement and are shipped active to reduce downtime.

 Modem Testing Services from USAT Corp

Modem Testing

Each device is lab-tested to verify connectivity to the cellular network. A snapshot of each benchmark test is documented.

 Dedicated Support from USAT Corp

Dedicated Support

Phone and email support for WWAN device connectivity is provided by our US-based team. Includes online support case submission system.

Add-On Services

 Modem Testing Services from USAT Corp


Category based content filtering, and threat protection including malware, botnets, white & black lists. Also offers connected device traffic summaries.

 Dedicated Support from USAT Corp

Static IP

Each set-up each of your M2M and IoT networking devices with a permanent, fixed IP addresses each device is directly addressable.

Express M2M Prime Network™

Network Options

  • Standard

    As a basic service offering, USAT can provide your devices access to standard public networks through major carrier networks.

  • Gated Community

    A part of our Express M2M™ Prime Network offering, we can set-up your devices on a semi-private network for enhanced communication security.

  • Gated Estate

    Our top cellular network option through our Express M2M™ Prime Network offering is a fully private network for unparalleled security.

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Express M2M Inquiries

If you're interested in learning more about how  Express M2M™ can help your business stay connected to the devices and systems your organization needs, please reach out to us today. A knowledgable member of the USAT team will reach out within twenty-hour hours of your discuss your connectivity needs.

For Immediate Assistance:
Call Us Toll-Free: (888) 550-8728

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