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expressm2mExpress M2M™ is a service provided by USAT Corp. which offers a single source for M2M communications equipment, deployment, airtime, management and support.

USAT Corp’s Express M2M™ service leverages the cellular data network offered by Verizon Wireless. USAT and Verizon Wireless deliver a streamlined approach to deploying and supporting standalone 2G/3G/4G-LTE network devices that are widely used to provide wireless connectivity.

Express M2M™ expedites the time to intelligent cellular modem deployment—resulting in wireless data projects that move into production mode in a more efficient and cost effective manner. Express M2M™ is an extension to the company’s well-known, DevProv+ offering. This particular service has expanded to meet the needs of clients who will benefit from procuring specialized network hardware, wireless airtime, deployment services, and post-sale support from one company.

Express M2M™ by USAT gives clients unparalleled post-sales support for a wide variety of WWAN devices by providing a quicker path to resolution to a variety of client needs. Our Cloud Recovery™ service enables us to rapidly troubleshoot devices, and recover a defective unit remotely and immediately. Additionally, we also leverage escalated carrier support channels, and can understand carrier side issues as they may impact a troubled wireless M2M modem.

Express M2M™ includes at no additional cost, a Warm Spares pool which replaces a downed unit with a similar replacement modem fully programmed with our customers own account and setup, ready for immediate deployment. This unique service available exclusively at USAT ensures maximum up-time and delivers outstanding connectivity at a dependable rate.

Express M2M™ terms are available month-to-month and static IPs are readily available at an extremely affordable price.  Data is shared across broad tiers and plans usually range from 2MB to 50GB.  With an excellent caliber of support readily available, Express M2M™ represents a broad suite of services designed to speed deployment while also reducing costs. Please contact USAT to explore Express M2M™ and take advantage of the numerous benefits and cost savings.

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