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Fixed Location Tech Installs

Fixed Antenna Tech Installs

For M2M, SCADA applications, and other remote monitoring applications; installation of a communications device, modem and the attendant antenna assembly may be necessary. At USAT, we offer fixed location technology installation services at a competitive rate.

Installation projects often require installation technicians to travel to many locations. If your company is interested in receiving an estimate for a fixed location technology install, we will need the longitude and latitude of each distinct site.  If that information is unavailable, the addresses and zip codes of all the installation locations will suffice. Please feel free to contact us in the early project planning stages. We are happy to offer our expert advice regarding any M2M, SCADA or remote monitoring installation.

USAT also builds environmental enclosures for communication nodes per our client’s specifications, such as, the CellComm Housing. Please let us know if we can provide a customized solution for your business or project’s needs.


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