IoT Engineering

If your project team needs a competent partner, to help manage router settings and set up intelligent wireless modems, our engineering team is available to hire for both short and long term IoT engineering projects at daily and hourly rates.

IoT Engineering Services

Coding, Templating, & Preloading

When you need a partner capable of enginnering IoT and M2M solutions for your organizations aging or evolving infrastructure, USAT is the partner you need. We code, script, set-up, and manage all aspects of the IoT and M2M engineering process to deliver your organization the custom solutions it needs to further your connectivity initiatives.

We can help with the engineering services below and more:

  • Integrating intelligent modems with legacy equipment
  • Setting up heuristics based alerts
  • Programming settings into a wireless routers
  • Setting up intelligent modems using DNS instead of static IP
IoT Engineering for Modems, Switches, and Routers

USAT has over 24 years of experience engineering custom IoT communications solutions for public and private organizations.

Gateway Template Design

Template Design

Device Specific Templating Services

With our interview-based Template Design Service, we provide you with a specific list of key details required for our expert wireless engineers to create custom WWAN modem templates. Our service provides device specific custom modem templates. We can deliver each template in the strict upload format needed for that specific device. Likewise, if utilizing our DevProv+ services, we can deploy your template during the device provisioning stage.

Note: Additional Wireless WAN Engineering Services outside of template creation is not included. Template design services do not include device provisioning.

Template Review

IoT-Engineering Consultation Services

USAT recommends this service for customers migrating existing templates for Sierra Wireless Gateways from older ALEOS firmware to the latest ALEOS firmware. Our consultations typically involve an expert engineer from USAT and your IT project lead. During the review we'll discuss the best practices required to bring your template up-to-date. Based on the solution your IT project lead outlines, we will recommend the best migration methods available. That includes recommending any relevant changes, educating you on the firmware itself, and suggesting the use of any new features we believe will benefit your organization.

Note: This service is currently only valid for LS300, GX/ES, MP70, RV50, and LS60 Gateways that were created on ALEOS firmware version 4.3.6 or later.

Modem Template Review
Advanced Settings for Cellular Gateways

Advanced Settings

Such as DMNR /Port Forwarding

USAT can input your advanced device settings if you utilize our DevProv+ Advanced configuration services for multi-radio gateways. The device(s) you receive will be have installed SIMs, affixed asset tags, and loaded with your provided templates or any additional manual settings specific to your desired solution. The device will then be locked down with your designated passwords prior to shipment.

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