Kitting & Logistics

If your organization needs a large number of M2M devices shipped to one or more locations, it can take time and resources you don't have to pair devices with associated antennas, cables, and other peripherals. USAT's kitting service, will bundle your items before shipment to speed up your asset deployment.

Devices & Peripherals

Pre-Bundled Device Shipments

If your communications projects require a higher level of operational management, our wireless modem kit and ship program offers a complete solution to ensure your operations run as efficiently as possible. 

We'll manage all of your equipment inventory and take care of the kitting of your M2M and IoT gateways, routers and attendant peripherals prior to shipping them where you need them most.

Cradlepoint IBR1700 with all Attendant Peripherals

Our kitting & logistics program streamlines end-to-end deployments of your mission-critical communications assets.

Assembled IBR1700 with Attendant Peripherals

Kitting Requests

Typical Kitting Services

A typical service request at USAT includes the packaging and shipment of an inactive wireless modem, SIM, gateway or router. This also covers packaging router brackets, power assemblies, antennas, and attendant cabling. We can perform the packaging services you need such as:

  • Bulk or individually box, bag, and ship
  • Ship to single or multiple addresses
  • Hold kit inventory for future shipment

Selecting USAT for your kitting & shipping expedites deployment by greatly reducing the need for multiple entities to touch a solution pre-deployment.

Superior Services

Pre-Deployment Solutions

USAT’s kitting and shipping logistic services allows for customers to tailor their needs of their deployments. Kitting and shipping logistic services includes kitting of hardware and accessories, asset reports and any compliance or instruction paperwork designated for one, or multiple ship-to addresses. Customers can elect for either bulk or individually packaged solutions. 

*This service includes packing and packaging materials with final transmittal to your preferred shipper. It does not include Device Provisioning or shipping costs.

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Pre-deployment kitting services from USAT

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Device Kitting Inquiries

If you're interested in learning more about how USAT can help your business by pre-bundling your M2M and IoT devices and accessories prior to shipment, please fill out this form. An expert member of our sales team will reach out to you within one business day to discuss your needs.

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