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M2M Engineering Services

At USAT, we specialize in offering the best M2M engineering services to our clients.

If the success of your organization’s wireless communications depends on:

  • integrating an intelligent modem with a legacy piece of equipment on your grid or in your plant
  • setting up alerts based on heuristics settings programmed into a wireless router
  • or communicating with an intelligent modem using a DNS name instead of a static IP,

We have the solutions to meet your specific needs.


If your project team needs a competent partner, to help manage router settings and set up intelligent wireless modems, our engineering team is available for project work at hourly, half-day and full-day rates.


Examples of M2M engineering services requested from our engineering team include:

  • Intelligent cellular modem/gateway router template creation
  • DNS name server set-up
  • Port forwarding
  • Python scripting
  • LUA scripting


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