ACM Appliance Hardware


Currently, the ACM Appliance Hardware operates on a Dell PowerEdge R240XL (though this is subject to future change). Unlike the virtual server options, this product is a physical server that requires install and configuration.

Please Allow 3 to 4 Weeks for Delivery

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ACM Appliance Hardware

The AirLink® Connection Manager (ACM) is a mobile-optimized VPN server that securely extends the enterprise network to the vehicle. Designed to work with AirLink® gateways and routers, the ACM consolidates security onto a single platform for all connected devices and applications in the vehicle area network.

ACM vastly simplifies deployments and enables organizations to retain management control over network access and mobile assets, and significantly reduces the costs of ensuring data security.

ACM can run on physical servers like the one pictured above, or on virtual servers, that require the purchase of individual licenses.

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