Airlink 2-in-1 Panel Antenna


  • Available in 1M (6001219) of 3M (6001124)
  • 2 x LTE 698-3800MHz (MiMo)
  • Mount: 18mm (3/4”) mounting bush and acrylic adhesive pad
  • RF Connectors: 2xSMA Plug
  • Cable Length: 1m (3.3ft) or 3m (9.8ft)
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Airlink 2-in-1 Panel Antenna

The 2-In-1 Panel has been tested and certified to provide MiMo LTE antenna function for AirLink routers and gateways. The compact, robust low profile housing is ground plane independent, weatherproof and contains two antenna elements with effective isolation and correlation covering all current global cellular and LTE bands in freq. range 698-960/1710-3800MHz.

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