Calamp Vanguard 5530 Cellular Router


All-In-One Mobile Communications Solution for Industrial, Utility, Transportation and Enterprise Applications

  • LTE Cat 1 Multi-Carrier, Dual-SIM Connectivity
  • Enhanced IPsec, GRE Tunneling, PPTP VPN Security
  • Extensive I/O, Serial Ports, and Vehicle Bus Support
  • Capable Dual-mode Wi-Fi/BLE
  • Industrial Grade Metal Enclosure
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Calamp Vanguard 5530

The Vanguard 5530 offers the fastest cellular broadband technology integrated with extensive routing capability, delivering robust connectivity and secure high-speed data transfer for a broad array of devices and applications. This ready-to-deploy broadband router enables wireless data connectivity for up to two LANs and one serial device over public cellular networks at 4G speeds with strong, Enterprise-grade security (IPSec, VPN, WPA-2) to protect against external threats.

All-In-One Mobile Communications Solution for Industrial, Utility, Transportation and Enterprise Applications

This single, flexible platform addresses a variety of wireless communications needs: serial to IP conversion, over-the-air configuration, and system monitoring to reduce operating and support costs.  In mobile environments, an optional, built-in WiFi access point allows tethered devices to remain connected outside the vehicle.

The Vanguard 5530 for Fixed Locations provides reliable connectivity for:

  • Programmable Logic Controllers (PLCs)
  • Remote Terminal Units (RTUs)

The Vanguard 5530 for Mobile Applications provides reliable connectivity for:

Vanguard 5530 Features

  • Secure Broadband LTE performance, with robust always-on connectivity
  • WLAN Connectivity to smart devices with GPS for situational awareness
  • Cloud-Ready for fast deployments and easy configuration with DeviceOutlook
  • Multi-function, Cellular WAN, WLAN, multi-port Ethernet and I/O in one package
  • Ruggedized design for long service life
  • OpenDeveloper Platform for custom applications to facilitate data-driven responsiveness
  • A full array of I/O and serial ports for SCADA and industrial applications

Software / Service

With a straightforward interface and the powerful DeviceOutlook device management platform, this widely-deployed wireless solution delivers effective performance and rich, field-proven software capabilities out of the box. To extend the Vanguard 5530 capabilities even further, OEMs and developers can build custom applications on the Open Developer Platform (ODP), which provides access to hardware and software services on the device, to facilitate distributed intelligence and local decision making at the edge of the network.

  • DeviceOutlook™ (included)
  • PEG™ Embedded Intelligence Engine (included)
  • ODP Flexible programming (included)
  • Linux OpenWrt OS with secure features (available)

Calamp Vanguard 5530 Accessories

  • Optional Fixed Model (w/o Wi-Fi & GPS)
  • OBDII Vehicle ECU Interface
  • JPOD2 Truck ECU Interface
  • RS-232 8-wire Adapter Cable
  • I/O Wiring Harness