Express M2M Sim Card 2FF


  • Data Plan: Express M2M
  • Network: Verizon
  • Network Type: 4G LTE
  • Sim Type: 2FF

Please Allow 3 to 4 Weeks for Delivery

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Express M2M Sim Card (2FF)

If you are purchasing an LTE-capable device for use on an Express M2M Data plan, or plan to sign up for a new service, you will need new SIM cards. This Express M2M Sim Card for LTE-enabled connectivity devices is available in only a standard size 2FF.

Must be activated on a qualified Express M2M data plan.

Note: The SIM card image is a placeholder image. The actual SIM Card you may receive may have a different appearance, but will still match the size and carrier network of your choosing.



Express M2M Prime Network™

Express M2M, brought to you by USAT and Verizon, provides semi-private and private LTE networks for added network security and control. The Express M2M service allows your organization to purchase device configuration solutions with a monthly data allowance for your network devices.

Network Options

As a basic service offering, USAT can provide your devices access to standard public networks through major carrier networks.

Gated Community
A part of our Prime Network offering, we can set-up your devices on a semi-private network for enhanced communication security.

Gated Estate
Our top cellular network option through our Prime Network offering is a fully private network for unparalleled security.

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