Mobile Mark RM-WLF Antenna


Broadband Surface Mount Antenna

  • Style: Rugged Surface Mount
  • Frequencies:
    • 694-894 MHz (3 dBi)
    • 1.7-2.7 GHz (5 dBi)
  • Details: Low Loss-195 cable
  • Mag-Mount Variant: MGRM-WLF
  • Direct N Jack Variant: RM-WLF-DN
  • Download Datasheet >>

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Mobile Mark RM-WLF Antenna

The RM-WLF wideband Series are 3 dBi gain broadband antennas. A ground plane is recommended for the best performance. These antennas will operate over the entire 694-894 MHz spectrum, along with 1.7-2.7 GHz high-frequency spectrum.

The RM-WLF requires a 5/8” hole (16 mm) for mounting and includes a gasket for weather sealing. The RM-WLF-DN is available with a direct N Female connector.

Mobile Mark RM-WLF Details

A magnetic mount version is available in the MGRM-WLF. This model provides all the same performance as the RM-WLF, with a powerful magnet for less permanent installations.

For glass mounting, Mobile Mark’s MMF3-WLF antennas provide a no-hole installation. This model has two mounting/ transfer plates that attach to the inside/outside. They attach using field-proven 3M double-sided tape.

The short flexible whip on the MMF is fixed in the vertical position and doesn’t require removal. To utilize both LTE and WiFi you’ll need two antennas to connect to two separate RF connectors on your mobile gateway.

Market Applications


RM-WLF | Broadband Surface Mount Antenna (Cellular)

This rugged wireless surface mount antenna is ideal for industrial or other wireless LTE heavy duty applications.

You can use the RM-WLF Antenna for applications such as remote monitoring from static locations or data transfers from moving vehicles. This broadband antenna covers more frequencies than traditional dual-band mobile antennas.

You can also purchase the RM-WLF with a ceiling mount adapter kit. Such a kit converts the antenna into a wideband ceiling mount antenna for multiple cellular applications. These applications include wireless LTE at 700 MHz, HSPA at 850 MHz, AWS at 1.7 & 2.1 GHz, as well as WiMAX at 2.5-2.7 GHz.

MGRM-WLF | Broadband Cellular Magnet Mount Antenna (Cellular)

The MGRM Series mag-mount antennas are of extremely rugged design. Accordingly, they have undergone extensive shock & vibration testing with a dust/water ingress rating of IP67. The antennas are 3.6” (92mm) tall by 2.6” (66mm) wide at the base and are built with Low Loss-195 cable. The MGRM-WLF is for wideband applications including LTE at 700 MHz and AWS at 1.7 & 2.1 GHz. You can use this antenna for the same applications as the RM-WLF variant.

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