NetCloud IoT Advanced Plans


NetCloud Service ensures your network endpoints stay connected and protected and always on, available, and continuously up-to-date with the current router and modem software. Sold as a subscription, NetCloud Service — with the added benefits of Cradlepoint support, warranty, and on-demand training — delivers ongoing innovations, features, and insights that your evolving network requires.

This plan is specifically to support previously purchased IBR350, IBR600, and MBR1200 devices that were not previously bundled with a NetCloud Advanced software plan.

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NetCloud IoT Advanced Plans

The Wireless WAN has arrived. Whether connecting a branch site, pop-up store, vehicle, or Smart City, your organization can always access critical cloud and data center applications and the internet from anywhere using advanced cellular — quickly, reliably, and securely. Cradlepoint’s NetCloud Service and wireless edge routers provide everything you need to unlock the power of LTE and 5G for whatever’s on the edge of your network. NetCloud IoT Advanced Plans are available in 1, 3, and 5-year increments to support your legacy IBR350, IBR600, and MBR1200 devices.

Maintain Reliable IoT Connectivity

Provide highly available Wireless WAN for IoT applications with Cradlepoint’s enterprise-grade IoT routers with embedded LTE modems that guarantee high-performance connectivity and constant uptime through nationwide cellular carriers.

Secure Your IoT Attack Surface

Use Cradlepoint IoT solutions with built-in, policy-based security that scales to any size of distributed IoT network, and leverage Software-Defined Perimeter technology to make it easy to spin up secure, micro-segmented device-to-cloud overlay networks.

Centrally Manage at Scale

Cradlepoint’s cloud-managed IoT edge solutions enable enterprises to rapidly deploy and scale IoT solutions. Managing edge IoT networks can be a challenging task — especially with tens of thousands of deployed endpoints and having a solution that allows remote management.

Deploy Purpose-Built Routers

Install IoT capable routers in IoT, mobile, and branch deployments that meet the requirements for form factors, applications, and protocols, even when operating under harsh environmental conditions and limited space.

Your Entire Network | One Platform

Manage and monitor all of your wireless in-vehicle, branch, and IoT solutions through the same cloud-based management platform. This helps minimize risks by enforcing consistent security policies, allowing you to gain insights into data usage and billing trends.

Gain Visibility Into IoT Data

Bring your IoT data into view and gain insights with easy integration to IoT application and analytics platforms, which enable you to run your business with confidence and efficiency.

NetCloud Service for IoT

NetCloud IoT edge-to-cloud service encompasses a suite of technologies designed for IoT applications: reliability, security, management, and data orchestration delivered through purpose-built routers. This enables businesses to successfully deploy enterprise-grade IoT deployments with ease and scale.

Wireless edge solutions for IoT that IT can support and OT can leverage

For organizations whose business depends on IoT services and applications, gaining connectivity without compromising security is paramount. Cradlepoint NetCloud IoT edge-to-cloud service enables enterprises to quickly connect a wide spectrum of wired and wireless devices, dynamically segment traffic to combat security threats, and provide extensibility to SaaS analytics platforms. And built-in multi-role administration allows both Information Technology (IT) and Operational Technology (OT) personnel to collaborate on deployment and management responsibilities from anywhere.

All NetCloud IoT Advanced Plans are available in addition to the recommended features that are a part of Essentials Plans. If you already have an active Essentials plan you qualify to upgrade your NetCloud Services by purchasing this additional Advanced Plan.

Full List of Features

The list of features within the IoT Advanced Plans is quite extensive. Too extensive to list here.

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