Twin-Bonded HDF195 Cable Assembly (SM-SM)


  • Cable Jumper Assembly
  • Twin Bonded Low-Loss HD-195
  • Wire Lengths are 4 Feet Long
  • Connector A (Antenna Side) – 2xSMA Male
  • Connector B (Modem Side) – 2xSMA Male

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Twin-Bonded HDF195 Cable Assembly

This cable jumper is built with Twin Bonded Low-Loss HD-195 wire to neatly connect two antennas/lightning arresters with two gateway ports. The wire length is 4 feet long for the two conductors. Connector A (antenna side) has two SMA Males. Connector B (modem side) has two SMA Males. To learn about how to obtain custom cable jumper assemblies with varied cable and connector types, click here.