LMR400 Cable Jumper Assembly (SM-NM)


  • Cable Jumper Assembly
  • Built with UltraFlex LMR 400 Wire
  • Wire Length is 20 Feet Long
  • Connector A is SMA Male
  • Connector B is N Male.

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Ultra-Flex LMR400 Cable Assembly

This UltraFlex LMR400 cable assembly is built with a 20-foot long UltraFlex LMR400 wire. The first connector is an SMA Male and the second Connector is an N Male. UltraFlex cable contains a weatherproofing compound around the foil & braid and an outer jacket made from black thermoplastic elastomer for multiple bending and flexing cycles and tight radius bends. The flexible, braided, low-loss UltraFlex coaxial cable offers similar loss performance compared to semi-rigid hard-line cables, but with more durability and flexibility. To learn about how to obtain custom cable jumper assemblies with varied cable and connector types, click here.