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Sierra Wireless GX450 EOS

End of Life Annoucement

Sierra Wireless issued this formal end-of-sale notice for the Sierra Wireless Airlink GX450 line on September 30, 2019. Click the image below to download the full three-page EOL notice.


Excerpts from the GX450 EOS Notice

Sierra Wireless announces the last time buy and last time ship date for the GX450 Series Gateways. This notice contains all relevant milestones and dates for the affected products.

The Sierra Wireless AirLink® RV55, with LTE Advanced Pro, is superseding the GX450 and is available as a functional replacement for GX450.

RV55 is the successor product to GX450 offering superior performance whilst utilizing the same operating system and physical connectors, aiding migration from GX450 to RV55.

The key technical differences of RV55 compared to GX450 are:

  • RV55 is an LTE Advanced Pro product, offering up to 6x LTE downlink and 3x uplink speed.
  • RV55 offers additional LTE bands and removes 2G EDGE & EVDO support.
  • RV55 offers a Wi-Fi variant with Dual 2.4/5 GHz 802.11ac radios.
  • RV55 offers dual serial interfaces, supported via an optional accessory Y-cable (Part#6001238).
  • RV55 is a more compact device than the GX450.

An optional accessory bracket (Part# 6001252) is available for RV55 to match the GX450 bolt pattern.

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