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ALEOS 4.5.2 is for AirLink® RV50 gateways. It is not compatible with AirLink® LS300, AirLink® GX Series, or AirLink® ES Series gateways.

Note: Two important points regarding this update:

  • Once ALEOS 5.2 is installed, Low Voltage Standby Mode is enabled by default.

If Low Voltage Standby Mode was enabled prior to upgrading, ALEOS 4.5.2 does not overwrite the existing settings.

  • To ensure that the gateway does not immediately enter Standby Mode when the update is complete, the update will be aborted if the supply voltage is less than 11 If this occurs, either increase the voltage or configure the appropriate voltage thresholds before updating ALEOS. For more information, refer to the ALEOS 4.5.2 Software Configuration User Guide (Gateway Configuration chapter).

Key Features



Supports IP address reservation for up to 5 devices based on their MAC addresses

WAN / Cellular

Default T-Mobile APN is


Adjusted Low Power Operation defaults to improve performance in solar deployments

Bug Fixes


Common Vulnerabilities and Exposures (CVE®)

Updates to mitigate possible issues related to CVE-2015-7547


Fixed a problem where, under some circumstances, the gateway was unresponsive when the serial port was configured to use flow control.

AT Command

Entering the escape sequence (+++) at the beginning of an AT command returns OK when the serial port is configured as Normal (AT Command) mode.


The minimum time between successive successful UDP PAD sessions was reduced to approximately 5 seconds

The escape sequence (+++) now terminates a PAD session (TCP and UDP) regardless of the WAN connectivity state.

The TCP PAD Idle timer now starts (if configured) even if no data is sent or received on the PAD.


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