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Sierra Wireless Statement Regarding IPv6 Support

With regard to Verizon’s announcement on March 8th stating that no new IPv4 addresses will be available after 30-June, we want to provide you some initial responses to questions that have been raised to the Sierra Wireless Product Management team. The SW Product Management team will be sending out a Product Bulletin but we wanted to give you a heads up as it relates to the SW AirLink offerings. As soon as the Product Management document is completed it will be distributed accordingly.
In the meantime:

Will SW devices support Verizon’s IPv6 requirements?

Yes. We are well aware of Verizon’s IPv6 test cases and are implementing the necessary features in ALEOS 4.8.0 (RV50, RV50X, MP70, GX450, ES450) and MGOS 4.1 (MG90). Both of these releases are scheduled to GA prior to the 30-June date in the Verizon document.

Will SW support IPv6 in our plans for older generation AirLink products (GX400, GX440, ES440, LS300) and oMG2000/500?

No, we have no plans to support IPv6 in these products. Customers on these products looking to make new activations of public static IP addresses on Verizon after 30-June will either have to migrate to a newer Sierra product or talk to their Verizon rep about an exception.

Will existing deployments require an upgrade to IPv6?

No. Customers who have public, static IPv4 addresses will keep them. This notice only affects new activations.

What is SW Product Management’s next step with customers and partners?

We will be issuing a more detailed bulletin shortly. For customers who may be affected by this change, we’ll be recommending to trial their deployment with our updated software and a Verizon IPv6 SIM. We’ll include more details in the bulletin.

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