Sierra Wireless is pleased to announce two General Availability releases for the ALEOS and MGOS platforms. Below is specific information to each model:

ALEOS 4.11.2 for the MP70 and RV50/RV50X:

This release launches the eagerly awaited Verizon support for the MP70 LTE-A Pro with Verizon certification!

  1. LTE Band 14 support is offered in the new MP70 LTE-A Pro variant
  2. MP70 (LTE-A) with ALEOS 4.11.2 installed is now certified on FirstNet; this supports the FirstNet SIM, Priority and Preemption, but does not include LTE Band 14.

Note: You must use AceManager to add the Verizon radio firmware to the MP70 LTE-A Pro in addition to the regular firmware update process.

MGOS 4.2.2 for the MG90: