Sierra Wireless has released a patch ALEOS 4.9.4.p009, to address a recently found field issue with ALEOS 4.9.4 for the ES450 and the GX450. This patch release will resolve an issue with an internal timer and it’s observed timing dependent side-effect of intermittent cellular watchdog reboots.
Sierra Wireless recommends customers who haven’t yet upgraded to ALEOS 4.9.4 to upgrade to ALEOS 4.9.4.p009. Customers who have already upgraded to ALEOS 4.9.4 can temporarily disable the cellular watchdog to minimize disruption, however should still upgrade to ALEOS 4.9.4.p009 when it becomes available to ensure proper operation.

ALEOS 4.9.4.p09 Release Notes:

ALEOS 4.9.4.p09 is for AirLink GX450 and ES450 gateways.

Note: After updating the gateway to 4.9.4.p09, the firmware version will appear as on the AirLink® Mobility Manager (AMM) dashboard.

Bug Fixes :

AT Commands Corrected an internal timer value that, in timing-sensitive cases, was causing unpredictable operation and unnecessary reboots.

Download the Firmware From The Source Here

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