Sierra Wireless has released the EOL schedule for the RV50 and the timeline extends over one year with the last ship date being the end of 2019.  Please see the chart below for all the relevant dates:

Timing of End of Sale  
End of Sale Notice:   12/1/2018
Price Change :  1/1/2019
Last Buy Date:  6/30/2019
Last Ship Date: 12/31/2019
Successor Product:RV50X or RV50 Variant

For a complete analysis of the differences between the RV50 and the RV50X please see this chart.

More Information on the RV50X:

  • RV50X becomes $589 on 1/1/2019
  • RV50X is a fully mature successor product
    • Shipping in volume since Q1 2017
    • Fully certified on all major carriers including China and Japan
    • Idle power consumption is identical to RV50
  • Key Technical Differences
    • RV50X is an LTE Advanced Product, CAT 6 (300M Down) vs CAT 3 (100M Down)
    • RV50X offers additional LTE bands and no 2G/EVDO support
    • For performance, RV50X utilizes a dual-core variant of the RV50 processor

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