Sierra Wireless to Launch AirLink Complete

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Starting on January 1st, Sierra Wireless’s AirLink Complete Launches–Providing Expanded Device Management & Technical Support

Launch AirLink Complete

IoT leader, Sierra Wireless, has extended an expanded new level of service to their clientele through USAT. Starting on January 1, 2019, all  Airlink products, (excluding MG90), will have bundled with them as part of the sale a services package designed to improve productivity, customer service, and reliability. There is no price-point change attendant with this new service structuring strategy.

The AirLink MP70, AirLink RV50 Series, AirLink LX60 Series, AirLink LX40 Series, AirLink GX450 Series and AirLink ES450 Series routers and gateways now include:

·         One year of free access to AirLink Complete

·         One year of free access to AirLink Management Service (ALMS) our cloud-based Network Management solution to assist with deployment, configuration and upgrades

·         Three (3) year hardware warranty

·         Free firmware updates for the life of the device, available on release

·         Free access to the Source for all technical documentation and software downloads

·         Tier 1 technical/helpdesk support from Authorized Sierra Wireless Resellers

·         Accelerated Replacement Program (ARP) (see below) for hardware purchased through participating Resellers

After the first year, clients may choose to continue to purchase AirLink Complete to retain the full benefits of the product as described in this document. Alternatively, you may choose to continue to subscribe to ALMS, upgrade to ALMS Advanced Reporting and Analytics (ALMS ARA) or Hosted AMM or choose not to continue with any Sierra Wireless management or support products. Remember, AirLink Complete is bundled into the router/gateway purchase price during year one, but in subsequent years, it can be procured on an annual basis if so desired.

AirLink Complete Term Duration:

AirLink Complete is available as an annual renewal and is available to Customers as long as they continue to operate the devices. Irrespective of the AirLink Complete term purchased by a Customer, warranty-related features of AirLink Complete will not extend beyond a maximum term of 5 years from the original date of sale of the AirLink router or gateway.

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