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    USAT 201 Cell Comm House

Enclosure developed to house and protect wireless

data equipment,featuring extremely resilient components,

to enhance the dependability of remote device installations.

USAT 201 Cell Comm House Solution

Our 201-Cell Comm House is an environmental enclosure developed to house and protect wireless data equipment. By featuring extremely resilient components, our 201 Cell Comm House is designed to enhance the dependability of remote device installations. Ideal for distribution automation projects, this exterior enclosure for cellular gateway s/ 3G/4G routers / modems is built to safeguard wireless backhaul equipment from severe weather, while maximizing coverage.

The 201-Cell Comm House mounts precisely to any utility pole or vertical surface. The 201-Cell Comm House is customized and comes with a proper antenna, UPS and 24 hour back-up battery. There are solar panel powered models available to incorporate green energy into the Smart Grid. Wireless communication device not included. USAT is happy to provide our client’s with a wireless communication device that fits their project specifications, or our client can provide us with a communication device of their choosing to be integrated into the 201-Cell Comm House.

201-Cell Comm House Benefits:

  • Ensures the reliability of the equipment by housing it in a tamper-resistant enclosure, which protects it from possible lightning strikes and power line surges.
  • Assembled and ready to deploy with many different makes of wireless modems from a wide selection of manufacturers.
    Event alerts are easily setup in order to release notifications of installation site issues.
  • Models for urban, suburban and rural installations are available. The 201-Cell Comm House is specifically designed to ensure wireless signal strength across varying carrier coverage environments.
  • Alternative energy options are available, which include solar panels and energy storage cells. This enables the unit to run its wireless equipment 24/7 without a plug-in power source, such as, an AC or DC power connection.
  • Integrated Uninterruptedly Power Supply (UPS) option runs most wireless equipment up to 24 hours during a power failure situation.

**Event alert functionality is dependent on the wireless service and wireless equipment used.

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