Business Continuity

No wired connection can deliver 100% up-time. The question isn’t whether your business will lose connectivity to the Internet. The question is how to protect your business from loss and disruption when it occurs. USAT can help you ensure business continuity with our communications solutions.

Ensure Continued Connectivity


When your Cable or DSL Internet service experiences a service disruption your business is exposed to risks of lost revenue, productivity, and customer experience issues. The more often it happens, the more businesses lose.  Construction accidents are the biggest culprit in severing cables.  Sometimes the issue lies in the fact that your new location’s grand opening celebration is on schedule but the infrastructure supporting it will not hit the deadline. You can upgrade to a more robust T1 line, but it comes with a significantly higher cost, and it is still susceptible to outage. Reach out to USAT to provide the communications solutions you need to prevent service disruptions.

Business Connectivity with Failover Protection

USAT offers practical, convenient, and affordable ways to ensure your business communications networks aren't disrupted due to a Cable, DSL, or T1 outage.

Cellular Failover Solutions from USAT

Cellular Failover

Almost every business and organization in the public and private sectors today need to connect to the internet to run their operations. When the internet goes down, their operations come to a grinding halt. Generally, this results in a loss of productivity and revenue, and in more severe cases, like in the public safety sector, it could slow responsiveness to emergency situation. No matter your organization, you need continuity solutions to ensure your organization stays connected to the systems and people critical to it operations.

  • Multi-WAN Failover
  • Overlay Failover
  • LTE Failover

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Network Failover Architecture

4G LTE Failover Solutions

When it comes to sole location and other small scale operations, most organizations have a single modem and router with a hardwired internet connection. No matter the size of your business, if you accept payments, you depend on stable connections to service your clients. Storms, natural disasters, and other unexpected service failures can slow and otherwise knock-out those connections entirely. USAT can provide you with the communications hardware and and network connectivity your business needs to stay up and running when your hardlines go down. 

  • Multi-WAN Failover Available For Maximum Uptime
  • PCI Compliant Solutions Available
  • Packages With Routers And Pre-Loaded Failover Cellular Rate Plans
  • High Gain Antennas With Cables Cut To Length

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Parallel Network Security from USAT

Parallel Networks

The security of your networks--and the data contained within--is more important today than ever before. With parallel or air-gapped networks, data related to distinct applications can be completely separated from the corporate network. This is especially important in a retail environment, because constant hacking attempts, both foreign and domestic, undermine the faith of clients and investors every time their data becomes compromised. Reach out to USAT today to see how setting up parallel, air-gapped networks can add the extra layer of communications security your organization needs to protect its critical data and ensure business continuity.

  • High Speeds & Feeds Allows LTE Routers To Be Primary For Connectivity
  • 5G Branch Routers Will Soon Be A Direct Replacement For Cable
  • Power Over Ethernet (POE) Makes Installation Easy
  • Op-Ex Packages are available with Complete End-to-End Solutions
  • Op-Ex Router Packages can be “Rented” for a Short Term Deployments

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USAT Solution for Business Continuity with LTE Failover Connectivity


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