Device Management

Organizations that manage dozens to hundreds of IoT-enabled routers and gateways need easy and effective solutions to manage those devices. USAT will match your devices with the software you need to streamline your communications infrastructure.

Software Solutions

Device Management Applications

When you purchase rugged Cradlepoint or Sierra Wireless IoT-enabled routers and gateways, you have the option to purchase software packages. They are available in single and multi-year subscriptions and are a critical part of streamlining device management. The experts at USAT will analyze your communications devices and needs to recommend the exact software you'll need to easily and effectively manage your communications infrastructure.

Let the experts at USAT help you pair your communications infrastructure with the perfect software for your organization.

Device Management with ALMS from USAT

AirLink Management Service

Sierra Wireless ALMS Software

The AirLink® Management Service is a secure cloud-based management solution that makes it easy to deploy, monitor and upgrade any number of gateways and routers remotely. ALMS will help you scale your deployments, simplify your operations, and quickly troubleshoot your devices. If you're purchasing or have purchased Sierra Wireless hardware from USAT, we'll help get you set-up with ALMS in no time. 

  • Cloud-Based Device Management Solution
  • Proactive Device Monitoring
  • Reduced Downtime Risk
  • Industry-Leading Security

Airlink Mobility Manager

Sierra Wireless AMM Software

AirLink® Mobility Manager is a leading-edge, end-to-end network management solution that enables simplified, remote and real-time mass configuration, control and troubleshooting of all in-vehicle AirLink® routers and gateways, connected mobile assets and mission critical applications. If you're a customer of USAT, we can start setting you up with AMM today.

  • Connectivity Status w/Link Utilization
  • Monitor Bandwidth Consumption
  • Hosted or Cloud-Based Solution
  • Device Availability Trends
  • Coverage Maps & Trails

Device Management with AMM from USAT
Mobile VPN Solutions with ACM from USAT

AirLink Connection Manager

Sierra Wireless ACM Software

AirLink Connection Manager (ACM) delivers a complete end-to-end solution to securely connect people and mission critical applications in a variety of use cases. ACM is a mobile-optimized VPN solution that securely extends the enterprise network to the vehicle. ACM consolidates security onto a single platform for all connected devices and applications in the vehicle area network.

  • Simplifies Management & Deployment
  • Hosted or Cloud-Based VPN Solution
  • Low Total Cost of Ownership
  • Always on VPN Tunnels
  • FIPS 140-2 Compliant
  • Mobile App Available

NetCloud Engine

Cradlepoint NCE Software

NetCloud Engine is a cloud-based service that provides distributed and mobile enterprises with a modern way to connect people, places and things using next-generation networking technologies. NCE eliminates the hardware, complexity, and operational costs of traditional WANs for many use cases, and extends the simplicity, utility, and security of traditional LANs anywhere across the Internet.

  • Eliminate Hardware Costs & Complexity
  • Rapidly Connect Human & Physical Assets
  • Enhance Security & Compliance
  • Reduce WAN-Related OPEX

Device Management with NetCloud from USAT
Digi Remote Manager 3.0 from USAT

Digi Remote Manager 3.0

Digi International Software

When you obtain Digi devices through USAT, we'll connect your devices to Digi's secure management application. Remote Manager monitors and controls distributed communications devices and grants network managers a single point of command and control. You'll be able to continuously update and maintain the performance requirements on which your operations depend. 

  • Maintain Security & Compliance
  • Expands Reach to Edge Devices
  • Mass Update Firmware
  • Monitor Device Health
  • Integrate Device Data
  • Mobile App Available

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