Distribution Automation

Utility companies in today’s power and energy sectors rely heavily on distribution automation to keep the grid running at peak efficiency. USAT provides mission critical-grade wireless networking solutions that utility organizations can rely on for their communications piece.

Power Distribution Systems

USAT Communication Solutions

Successful distribution automation utilizes a series of technologies to collect, automate, analyze, and optimize data to improve the operational efficiencies of power distribution systems. USAT helps utility companies equip the communication networks and equipment they'll need to optimize the performance of the sensors, processors,  and other devices their automated distribution systems require.

Distribution Automation Systems with Reclosers and Cap Banks

USAT provides only the best cellular modems, routers, switches, and support when assisting mission-critical distribution automation operations for utility companies.

Communication Solutions for DA

Over two decades of being a key supplier for DA comm devices to IOUs, municipal utilities and co-ops, USAT has acquired a wealth of knowledge. We know what options deliver the best results when it's necessary to upgrade your grid’s power delivery communications infrastructure. USAT has been involved in many DA communications projects that connect:

  • Capacitor bank controllers
  • Smart meter collectors
  • Recloser controls
  • Voltage sensors

USAT provides equipment and services specifically designed for our utility customers, whose unique industry governance (and focus on cap-ex) differentiates their needs. Our clients appreciate that USAT is a consultative partner that can execute reliable communication solutions. We're here for them as an expert resource to solve problems when problems do arise:

  • Rugged, ultra-low power draw, intelligent cellular network devices
  • On-premise and cloud options for device health management systems
  • Unique high-gain antenna assemblies
  • Antennas designed specifically for usage with utility enclosures
  • Ultra-flex cables cut to length
  • Detailed asset reporting bespoke to the client’s needs
  • Customized asset tagging for each modem/router/gateway
  • Network template design consulting
  • Template review services
  • Template library management organized by region/project/IED/etc.
  • Programming and network activation, pre-shipment
  • Kitting & logistics services
  • RMA management

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USAT helps electric and power companies connect to every critical device and location along their extensive distribution automation chains.

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