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Drop-in video monitoring

USAT Solution: Drop-in Video Monitoring

Copper theft has become a significant concern for the construction and utility industries, along with many others. The rising cost of metal, coupled with difficult economic times is creating a spiral of widespread destruction of property, disruption of service and expensive repairs. A study published by the US Department of Energy estimates that copper theft is costing businesses and utilities nearly $1 billion per year.

At USAT, we offer a drop-in video monitoring solution to help businesses deter copper theft, especially in areas with limited Ethernet access.

This solution can capture any evidence of theft when it occurs, by utilizing  public cellular networks. If the initiation of a trigger event takes place, the smart camera will send instant alerts via email to warn you about unauthorized activity.

USAT is a stocking distributor of cellular devices with units, ready to ship today. Our highest priority is to help you protect your assetsanywhere, anytime. Please let us know if you are interested in customizing a drop-in monitoring solution for your business.


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