NEMA Enclosures

At USAT, we design, customize and build environmental enclosures to house and protect your organization’s data communication devices. Our IP-rated solar powered NEMA enclosures protect cellular gateways in harsh environments.

Weatherproof Enclosures

NEMA Solutions from USAT

Ideal for distribution automation projects, solar farm communication, remote site surveillance connectivity, and a broad array of remote fixed asset monitoring. Our outdoor rated enclosures for cellular gateways, 4G-LTE and 5G routers, and wireless modems are built to safeguard wireless backhaul equipment from severe weather, operate with our without local power sources, and maximize cellular coverage and speeds. Our external enclosures and housing units mount to utility poles, steel masts, equipment shed walls, and other vertical surfaces.
Remote Weatherproof Enclosures

USAT can build your custom enclosures for antenna equipped wireless communications devices, ruggedized switches, and digital video capture equipment.

Cell Comm Housing Installation by USAT

Cell Comm Housings

We developed our 201 CellComm House enclosure to house and protect wireless data communications equipment. Our purpose built enclosure has a custom backplane, shelf, and design to support many varieties of cellular devices, PoE equipment, solar power and battery backups. This common platform provides a standard for rapid design-build while still allowing flexibility with the installed equipment. It features resilient components, to enhance the dependability of remote device installations. The 201 CellComm House internal battery storage is sufficient to run some cellular gateways for days without sun or local power.

  • Shipped configured, tested and ready for field deployment
  • Tamper resistant, lockable housing
  • Pressure equalization vents
  • Options for 9 aH to 12 aH of internal battery storage, and 55aH or more external power.
  • Programmable event alerts
  • Back-up battery installation and/or Solar Powered

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Environmental Enclosures

We'll install your organizations wireless routers, antennas, and other devices inside a NEMA rated enclosure to protect your organizations communication assets from harsh weather conditions.

  • Tamper resistant enclosure
  • Compatible with multiple devices
  • We install the devices you choose
  • Fast turnaround for rapid field deployment

We have builds powered from 12vDC to 48vDC, and from 120/240 vAC for commercial to 480 vAC for utility customers sites.

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NEMA Enclosure Installation by USAT

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